Dream about someone with rotten teeth

Dream about Someone With Rotten Teeth means a lady who is bugging you in your life. You are able to adapt to any situation. You have yet to come to terms with someones absence. Your dream is a message for your desire to hold on to a certain image, time or period in your life. You are rushing into something.

Someone in your dream is a message for your display of dominance in some situation or relationship. Perhaps you are involved in an argument that is getting too heated. You may have put up a wall or armor around you. This dream signals an end to your worries, to a relationship or and to a chapter in your life. You are trying to escape from some guilt or fear.

Rotten in your dream refers to your insecurities and anxieties that people are talking about your behind your back. Perhaps, you feel your position is shaky. You are discovering your hidden talents and are ready to unleash your potential. Your dream signifies something in your life which you have left hanging or unfinished. Perhaps you need to show more humility in a situation.

Teeth in this dream is a message for someone in your life. You are feeling inferior or unworthy. You need to make sure to think things through clearly. Your dream is an evidence for your negative feelings about a relationships. You need to be more thrifty with your spending.

Dreaming of Someone and Rotten and Teeth

Someone and Rotten points to the importance of teamwork and cooperation in order to achieve the goals in your life. You are flexible and open to change. Your reckless activity is affecting those around you. This dream is a hint for the start of some new project or a fresh outlook in life. You are pleased with the way your life is going.

Dream About Someone Teeth denotes your need to stop and enjoy life. You are concentrating on your own self-development and individuation. You are on a quest for a new understanding of your true Self. Your dream is a clue for strength and fortitude. You are rejecting some aspect of society.

Dream About Rotten Teeth is a harbinger for your physique. You have a solid relationship and strong support system. You are living large. Your dream is an indication for balance, cooperation and harmony. You are expressing a desire to go back in time and act in a different manner.

Dream about Someone With Rotten Teeth refers to your renewed religious faith and commitment. You have regained confidence to stand up and take control again. You need to look at things from a different angle or new perspective. The dream signals a higher realm of consciousness, knowledge and spiritual truth. Your subconscious is trying to alert you with a special message that you are overlooking.

Sometimes, dream about someone with rotten teeth is an evidence for life experiences of being continually disappointed. Someone in your life undermining or working against you. You are not realizing your own potential. This dream is sadly a warning for your need to escape and get away from your daily responsibilities. You need to remember to take care of yourself and not always worry about others.

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