Dream about someone you love being kidnapped

Dream about Someone You Love Being Kidnapped is a loved one or good friend. You are seeking balance and harmony in your life. You are who you are. This dream expresses your desires to want things to be neat and clean. You have developed a way of shielding yourself from things that may hurt you.

Dream about Someone You Love Being Kidnapped signals your new found confidence. You are looking back at past emotions and what you can learn from those experiences. You need to re-focus your attention on more important matters. This dream states your creative energy. Perhaps there is something that you are now seeing more clearly.

Dreaming of Someone & Love & Be & Kidnap

Someone in your dream is a clue for your non-conformist attitude. You are being overindulgent. You are ready for a relationship. The dream is a clue for secrecy and a repression of thoughts. You need to learn to not take yourself so seriously.

Love dream is an indication for your ability to remain calm or objective in a situation. Perhaps you need to get to the root of some problem in your life. You are looking for positivity in your life. This dream signals some tension or stress in your life. You are holding and keeping your feelings to yourself.

Be in this dream is a harbinger for unrealized and unfulfilled goals. You are feeling confined and restricted. You need to expand your attitude, imagination and way of thinking. This dream indicates a carefree attitude toward life. What you thought was true is actually not.

Kidnap in dream is a symbol for your dependency on something or someone. Your plans or goals will be changed or delayed. You are trying to force certain thoughts and issues into your subconscious mind. The dream is a message for your negative feelings about a relationships. You are being too frigid.

Dream About Someone I Love indicates some emotional situation. It is the core to some idea or piece of knowledge. You are on a self-destructive path. This dream states a guide of the soul. You need to appreciate certain things.

Dream About Being Kidnaped is an omen for practicality. There is something that you are trying to keep hidden. Perhaps you feel that you are being held back by past emotions or issues. Your dream expresses issues of self-esteem and measuring up to the expectations of others. You are on the right path.

Dream About Loved One Being Kidnapped suggests renewal and revitalization. You are expressing your anger in such a playful way that others do not recognize or acknowledge your true feelings. You will need a lot of nerve to achieve some task. This dream denotes a steady progress and steady climb up the social ladder. You are taking on more than you can handle.

Sometimes, dream about someone you love being kidnapped is a symbol for a difficult situation that you need to avoid. You cannot seem to leave your work at the office. You may need to take a friendlier approach toward a situation. The dream is a metaphor for an easy-going attitude or a lack of competitive spirit. You are losing control of your life and losing a grip on reality.

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