Dream about son as a child

Dream about Son As A Child is a portent for a personal and highly spiritual message from your subconscious. There is something emerging from your subconscious. Success will come as a result of your determination. Your dream is an omen for your sweetheart or loved one. You are loving life.

Son As A Child is about the ups and downs of life. You tend to be drawn to drama and like to be the center of attention. You need to open your eyes and look at what is in front on you. This dream stands for a spiritual quest. Your relationship is moving forward into a new stage or that you are rethinking the longevity of the relationship.

Dreaming of Son and Child

Son in your dream denotes pressures about your weight and body issues. Perhaps you feel that you are being publicly criticized. You need to be more decisive and forge forward with your plans. Your dream is an indication for your hidden attempt to buy the attention of others. You are looking for reassurance and support for your decisions.

Son in this dream is an indication for issues that you are keeping to yourself instead of confronting. You are experiencing conflict with your spirituality. You need more diversity and spontaneity. Your dream is a message for pureness or softness. You feel that your life is headed no where.

Child in dream states your protectiveness and defensive persona. You are breaking down gender roles. You need to learn to sort out your feelings and express them. Your dream is about someone who may be a mentor or caring person. You need to set your sights on your target and focus on your goals.

Child dream is a harbinger for reflective of issues and problems of your life. You need to be on the look out for something or someone out to do you harm. You have insufficient information to make a clear decision. Your dream is a sign for someone who is loony or crazy. You need to recognize your past mistakes and learn from it.

Dream about both “Son” and “Child” unfortunately draws attention to a significant disruption or serious problem in your life. You have poor time management. Some relationship or situation is standing the test of time. This dream points to losing emotional control. You are lacking control of where you life is going.

Dream about son as a child points at stability and swiftness. Others can easily take advantage of you. You may feel that someone is pushing their beliefs and ideas onto you. The dream expresses the way you feel about a person. Rapid changes ahead for you.

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