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Dream about starting new job

Dream about Starting New Job states a reserve a energy that you are waiting to exert. Things are going well for you. You are one who is willing to take risks. Your dream stands for poise and grace. Some person or situation is adding chaos to your emotional life.

Start in your dream means a tie or some undecided decision or argument. You fear that you may not be up for the challenge or that you cannot meet the expectations of others. There is some imbalance in some aspect of your life. Your dream is your indecision about something. You are ready to explore and grow as an individual.

New in your dream is a hint for some behavior or habit which you are religious about. Some of your past actions have come back to haunt you. You are receiving some message from your subconscious. This dream signals your need for a change in scenery or a desire to escape from a current situation. You need to be revitalized and reenergized.

Job in this dream is a sign for someone who wants your full attention. What you thought was true is actually not. Perhaps you are having regrets over a decision you made. This dream signifies your desire of escaping from your own reality. You will be disgraced or embarrassed in some way.

Dreaming of Start and New and Job

Dream About Starting A Job stands for an uplift in your spirituality and increase in your self-confidence. You are feeling cut off from your family. You are underutilizing your power and strength. This dream is an indication for feelings of not being noticed or recognized for what is important to you. You will be criticized for your decision.

Dream About New Job is a metaphor for purity, strength and endurance. You have the ability to dig deep and bring up subconscious wisdom. You are experiencing a lowered self-esteem. Your dream is about sorrow and longing. Sometimes what you don’t know is a source of anxiety and stress.

Dream about Starting New Job signals your struggles in achieving a goal. Perhaps there is something that you need to keep safe. You will overcome your obstacles and find a resolution to a conflict. This dream denotes physical and emotional nourishment and energies. It is time to be honest.

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I had a dream that I was talking about my new landscaping job. I was telling someone that I got the job because I’m a co-owner of a landscaping business and this would help my mother out the owner of the business.


I dreamt of being considered for a new job, but it was potentially exploitative. I assumed the job title and role was something, that wasn’t clearly stated in my dream, neither was my pay. The boss is my previous boss (who’s not exploitative). I haven’t started the work yet, just shown around the place by my friend. The job comes with hostel too.

Ryan Howes Nyahora

Had a dream whilst dressed up formally and working in the same environment with an old brilliant school mate, had a tour to the manager’s office it seems some thoughts of once being rejected as a director’s assistant came as a reminder.

Another picture came by, back in the lobby addressing my workmates or workforce.


I dreamt that I had a misunderstanding with my boss and at the same time my husband lands a very good job. But however my noses and I finally settled issues.


And at a same moment another girl comes to apply for the same post who already had done her job there once.
Please tell me about my dream.


I am currently working at school and now vacations have started but i want to do a college job after vacationts. I am confident enough thah i can teach at college level as my higher study demands. But i am confused whether is it right for me or wrong to apply for college as my all teachers work there at college. Being a Muslim girl, yesterday night i offered 2 rakhas prayer and asked Allah to show me guidance what should i do. And i saw a randomly dream that i go to college to apply for a job…


I dream about applying for a job and getting hired immediately,the people my dream are familiar to me.


I dream about a job not familiar to me even the place, but I am happy of my new working environment on my dream.


dreaming of getting a new job at school

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