Dream about stress

Dream about Stress denotes your subconscious drives. You are not utilizing your talents and potential. Perhaps you are being too idealistic. The dream is a message for your maternal instinct and your desire to provide for and support your dependents. Perhaps you are being pushed upward into a direction that you do not want to go or that you are not ready for.

Stress is a sign for messages from your subconscious or intuition. You don’t like to cause trouble or create disagreements. You want to remain ambiguous. The dream points at your misconceptions about certain things. You need to pay more attention to your personal relationship or love life.

Dream about Stress [the relative prominence of a syllable or musical note (especially with regard to stress or pitch)] represents frustrations on plans that you have set for yourself. You are afraid of feeling unneeded or abandoned. You need to dig a little deeper into a situation or problem. The dream signifies your desires to break free from some obligation or relationship. You are looking for someone to lean on.

Dream about Tension [(psychology) a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense] points at laziness. You need to find a new or different way to achieve a goal. You may be taking on too many responsibilities. This dream is a metaphor for your flexibility in some situation. You may be in search for a solid foundation or a firmer ground in your life.

Dream about Stress [special emphasis attached to something] represents your over-reliance on others. You need to be more in touch with your sensuality. You need to be less arrogant. This dream states aspects of your own self that you are rejecting or refusing to acknowledge. You are afraid of getting caught.

Dream about Stress [difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension; ; – R.J.Samuelson] is a metaphor for some overwhelming burden or excess in your life. You are overly controlling. You have found a solution to a problem. This dream stands for your defiant and non-conformist attitude. You need to smooth over some rough spots in your situation or relationship.

Dream about Stress [(physics) force that produces strain on a physical body] is sometimes your need for organization and order. Perhaps it is time to make amends. You need to take time for more leisurely or artistic pursuits. Your dream is a portent for your need for a quick fix or an escape from reality. You are trying to express yourself in some subtle or covert way.

Dream about Stress [to stress, single out as important] stands for your concerns about not measuring up to the standards or expectations of others. You are being influenced by negative people and are hanging around the wrong crowd. You are fixated on your own shortcomings. Your dream indicates your need to express yourself or talk about an issue that’s bothering you. You are trying to express your current feelings or convey your status.

Dream about Stress [put stress on; utter with an accent] is sometimes your desires to be someone else and escape from your present problems and responsibilities. The end is near in your career or relationship. You are sacrificing yourself. This dream is an indication for your need to be sheltered and protected. You need to Weigh your options carefully before making a final decision.

Dream about Try [test the limits of] is a symbol for some illness or physical ailment. Through experimentation and taking risks, you learn how and how not to do something. You need to be more independent and tend to your own needs. Your dream symbolises a father figure in your real life. You need to be more flexible in your way of thinking.

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