Dream about swimming crocodile

Dream about Swimming Crocodile is a hint for depression and gloominess. You need to open up about your emotions or your emotional desires. You are sociable and get along with others. The dream signals stamina and agility. You are about to embark on a new adventure in your personal life.

Swimming Crocodile stands for the inner child and its fantasies. You are expressing some health concern. You will accomplish your tasks with great success. The dream is a harbinger for a period of mourning and sadness. You are undergoing some transformation and individuation process.

Dreaming of Swimming and Crocodile

Swimming in your dream is a metaphor for your attitudes. You are having difficulties connecting to others. Your subconscious trying to focus your attention on an issue/problem. The dream is sometimes your need to feel protected and safe from life’s problems. Nothing is holding you back.

Swimming in this dream signals your inner desires to deviate from some set path. You need to defend and protect yourself. Perhaps you are preoccupied with the weather and hope that it doesn’t ruin your plans. This dream symbolises uncertainty in wealth. You are warning someone.

Crocodile in dream draws attention to some communication issue that you are experiencing. Your unyielding ways and rigid thinking. You need to go with your gut instincts. The dream signifies fear of being singled out or picked to perform. You are feeling lost.

Crocodile dream is an omen for an idea or concept that you need to grasp. You need your own space, either emotional space or physical space. Perhaps you are being to judgmental. Your dream is a message for deceit. You are feeling sorry for yourself.

Dream about both “Swimming” and “Crocodile” is unfortunately an alert for some resentment in your emotional state of mind. You do not like to deviate from your plans, even if it becomes monotonous. You are thriving on the negative aspects of your own self. This dream is an admonition for neglect, disappointments, depression or old age. What you are saying in your dream lacks clarity.

Dream about swimming crocodile is a portent for your fascination with art and the desire to understand the differents aspects of life. You need to show your playful side. You need to start putting your words into action. The dream is an indication for how you are in a position to provide help to others. A union of two people or a commitment to a relationship.

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Dreamt of being in water with the crocodiles. I was always swimming facing them and pushing their snouts as they swim forward. They are calm and just swimming along not being aggressive. The water was full with crocodiles and I am not scared but always alert and cautious about the ones behind my back. Saw multiple crocodile carcass at the river bank.