Dream about swimming with sea lions

Dream about Swimming With Sea Lions is a harbinger for your subconscious and your underlying thoughts. Sometimes you need to seek the help of others in order to accomplish some mutual goal. You will find success if you have the support of others. This dream is a metaphor for the emergence of your feminine character. You are blind to something that everyone else is clearly seeing.

Swimming in your dream is a hint for having someone completely dependent on you or having to take care of someone. Lending money to friends will cause a rift in your relationship. You need a break to recharge your energies and revitalize yourself. Your dream is a metaphor for the results of your hard work. You are involved in a situation that is making you uneasy.

Sea dream points to your tendency to always put others ahead of your own needs. You are not following your desired path in life. You may be experiencing difficulties in letting go or parting with something. This dream refers to your fear of betrayal and your untrusting nature. You are opening yourself to others, either on a mental, emotional level.

Lion in this dream is an evidence for a sticky situation. You need to exercise caution in some aspect of your life. You need to alter your actions before you or someone gets hurt. This dream is a clue for a situation or relationship that ended prematurely. The tough times are almost over.

Dreaming of Swimming and Sea and Lion

Dream About Swimming In Sea is a hint for your quick-wit, sharpness and intellect. You feel that you are deserving of a small gift and are treating yourself to a little sweet reward. You are ready for love and want to give love. The dream signals your need for a break. You are opening up yourself to a new level of spirituality or consciousness.

Dream About Swimming With Lions suggests your efforts in achieving your goals, ambitions and material gains. Your relationship with your parents has evolved into a new realm. You are a giving person and always there to lend a helping hand. The dream symbolises you hyper-alertness and loyalty. You are feeling numbed by your emotions.

Dream About Sea Lion points at a powerful or overbearing woman in your life. You are overlooking certain aspects in your life. You need to pay closer attention to what you are being told and what you are seeing. This dream represents a solid foundation of fortune. You are going back and forth on some choice.

Dream about Swimming With Sea Lions is a hint for your connection to all living kind. You will experience some complications in your professional life. You are experiencing a new sense of freedom and calm. This dream is a symbol for new hopes, growth, desires, knowledge and life. It is time to go and get a physical check up.

Sometimes, dream about swimming with sea lions expresses lacking self esteem and reduced self confidence. You are physically and emotionally detached from people and situations that are currently surrounding you. You are holding back your negative feelings and need to let it out. The dream denotes fear, limitations and negative aspects of yourself. You or someone is being lured or tempted into some negative activity.

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