Dream about sword fighting

Dream about Sword Fighting is a metaphor for your convictions about your beliefs. You are experiencing some setbacks. You need to appreciate certain things. This dream is a sign for life, love and passion as well as disappointments. You are well on your way to achieving your goals.

Sword Fighting indicates both power, shelter and love. It is a summary of your life experiences. You are experiencing some unhappiness and emotional instability in a situation. This dream is a sign for a positive outlook in your professional life. You are longing for a relationship that makes you feel complete.

Dreaming of Sword and Fighting

Sword in your dream is an evidence for someone who is plain. You are trying to protect yourself from emotional harm. You are being confronted with an obstacle toward your goal. The dream is an evidence for struggle and conflict. You need to be lighten up.

Sword in this dream stands for irreversible changes occurring in your life. You or someone else is using their position of power to do harm. You are experiencing some instability and setback in your life. This dream is a symbol for the threat of trouble and unhappiness. You don’t want to face the facts.

Fighting in dream means your basic needs and priorities. You are looking for reassurance or reaffirmation from others. You are ready to let go of some of the burdens, responsibilities or emotional baggage that you are carrying around. Your dream is a symbol for your emotions, whether you are frigid, emotionally cold, warm, or hot. Someone close to you is withdrawn.

Fighting dream is a signal for wild and erratic behavior. Your judgment is clouded. You are not confronting or recognizing your feelings. Your dream expresses a release or exposure of some tension and pressure. You may be narrow-minded and need to expand the scope of your vision.

Dream about both “Sword” and “Fighting” points at limitations, obstacles and boundaries. Someboyd may be avoiding some topic instead of addressing it. Someone is trying to reassure and reaffirm your progress forward. Your dream is sadly some minor problems and annoyances that are continually bothering you. You like to avoid conflict and confrontation.

Dream about sword fighting is a sign for a new life, spiritual guidance and liberation. You need to thank somebody. You may be bottling up your emotions. This dream is a symbol for industry and manual labor. You have a set path in life and know which direction you want to go.

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Alex Avolos

Saw I was invaded in my parents home. One of the attacker came in to divide me with a sword into twofold from my belly but didn’t work. He dropped his sword and get another weapon to use, I try to run through the window and he laughed that I’m surrounded. I sight his dropped sword, pick it up, cut him into two, there’s just a little flesh holding his body, he held my hand and called on his colleague. One of them showed up and I cut off his neck! Then I woke up