Dream about t rex

Dream about T Rex points to a sense of stability in your life. You are exuding a lot of confidence. You are recognizing your roots and where you came from. This dream expresses prosperity, strength, durability and creativity. You are just going with the flow.

T Rex is a message for freedom to express uninhibited feelings. You are involved in a cover-up. There is something that you need to express and get out into the open. This dream denotes your creative energy. You need to be decisive in what you are doing.

Dreaming of T and Rex

T dream means your anxieties about your ability to accomplish some demanding task or perform in some situation. You think you are above others and have a tendency to look down on people. Someone is looking to you for advice. Your dream draws attention to your tendency to bear pain in order to please others. You are looking for some sort of security and stability.

T in this dream is a clue for a person who you want to emulate. Perhaps you are afraid of losing control of your body. An increase in business activities are expected. The dream means how you are performing in various aspects of your life. You need to open the lines of communication with someone in your life.

Rex in your dream signifies your ability to process emotions quickly. You are driving someone mad or crazy. You are not really expressing how you really feel. Your dream points to cleansing of past sins. You are trying to escape from a dangerous relationship or situation.

Rex dream is an omen for regret of something you have done in the past. You need to be more self-sufficient instead of relying on others. You feel that you are being judged in some way and need to defend yourself. This dream is about your anxieties or ambivalence about masculine/feminine roles or passive/aggressive behavior. Perhaps you feel that you have been stabbed in the back.

Dream about both “T” and “Rex” is unfortunately an alert for something that is soiled or tainted. You may be feeling disrespected in some area of your life. Some unpleasant memory or obstacle is trying to hinder your path to self discovery. Your dream is an indication for disappointments in some aspect of your life. Someone is trying to motivate you and helping you achieve your goals.

Dream about t rex is about spiritual renewal and rejuvenation. You need to approach some issue or situation with discipline, precision and planning. You need to restore balance in your life. The dream suggests tranquility, serenity, calmness and respect. You are striving to make a difference.

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