Dream about tamarind

Dream about Tamarind indicates your need to shut out a person in your life who has been using you. You feel that you are not able to express yourself and communicate your feelings. You have been hit with a hard with some painful truth or shocking experience. This dream is sometimes seizing an opportunity. You want to be admired and looked up to by those around you.

Tamarind is a premonition for your sense of mortality. You were completely dependent. Perhaps you are expressing desires of blending in and not standing out. This dream is sometimes the impression you leave behind and what others may think of you. Perhaps a decision has been weighing on your mind for quite some time.

Dream about Tamarind [long-lived tropical evergreen tree with a spreading crown and feathery evergreen foliage and fragrant flowers yielding hard yellowish wood and long pods with edible chocolate-colored acidic pulp] refers to disappointments. You have a set path of thinking and doing things and are unwilling to deviate from it. You need to get back to work. Your dream stands for a message or word of advice that you need to heed. Your subconscious is telling you not to trust a person immediately.

Dream about Tamarind [large tropical seed pod with very tangy pulp that is eaten fresh or cooked with rice and fish or preserved for curries and chutneys] stands for abundance. You are facing an identity crisis. You are not ready to settle down into a committed relationship. This dream is a harbinger for an urgent message that needs to be delivered. Perhaps you need to be more sensible.

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I dreamt about a African man telling me that I’m his tamarind. I need to know what that means.


So I saw a tamarind tree which is in my grandfather house (father).it had no leaves or at least it has dry leaves falling . It had ripened tamarind on it. I climbed the tree but haven’t eaten any of its tamarind.
I can tell only this part. After that I feel uncomfortable to share the rest.


I dreamt some one told me to eat the tamarind with lime that’s how i would get the full benefit so I dipped the tamarind in lime and ate it. What does that mean