Dream about tearing paper

Dream about Tearing Paper signals wisdom, insight and feminine power. You are ready for a fresh new start and rebuilding a new self-image. You are experiencing a new phase in your life. The dream is an indication for of a bothersome event that will occupy your mind. You are confident in your ability.

Tearing Paper hints masculinity and raw energy. You are at ease. You are getting a promotion at work. Your dream states sensuality. Your path to success is going as planned.

Dreaming of Tear and Paper

Tear in your dream symbolises your lackadaisical attitude. Perhaps, you are being too overly protective. Perhaps you are feeling numb and out of touch with those around you. The dream is an evidence for a projection of your own anger towards someone. You tend to worry about what people think of you.

Tear in this dream expresses feelings of guilt and self-blame. You need to think first before saying something you might regret. You are successfully getting rid of your old habits/ways and thinking patterns. This dream is a harbinger for your tendency to go with the crowd. You are feeling restrained or censored in your work environment, relationship or situation in your life.

Paper in dream is an omen for the holidays. You are being undervalued. You need to literally pick yourself up and move on from the past. The dream draws attention to severe jealousy. You are strong willed and stick by the decisions you make.

Paper dream is a premonition for how time has stool still. You are reaching your goal via subconscious methods. You are being restrained or inhibited from expressing yourself. The dream hints your suspicions about a particular person, relationship or situation. You need to trust your intuition.

Dream about both “Tear” and “Paper” is unfortunately your guilt about accepting something that you know was wrong. You are trying to avoid an issue, responsibility or situation that is causing you emotional pain. Some area of your life is making you feel unhappy or angry. This dream suggests self punishment and guilt. Someone is trying to guide you through some issues or problems.

Dream about tearing paper denotes your spiritual connection and religious views. You are striving for recognition. You need to pay closer attention to your health. Your dream is an indication for something that is different or unfamiliar. You and your lover are able to co-exist and be civil to each other.

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