Dream about tiger cat

Dream about Tiger Cat is a clue for some spiritual communication. Perhaps you are attracted to someone around you and it is time to act on it. You may be expressing some aggressive feelings toward others. This dream is about your determination to go after what you want. You are in style or in fashion.

Tiger Cat represents desires. You need to confront your weakness and stand up to the challenges ahead. You need to take a break. This dream is a sign for protection. You will eventually overcome your current obstacles to achieve your goals.

Dreaming of Tiger and Cat

Tiger in your dream is sometimes aspects of yourself that you like or dislike. You are taking steps to acknowledging some painful or repressed thoughts even though you are not ready to fully confront them. You are literally moving in circles and going nowhere. Your dream signifies your need to get away and escape from your daily life. You may be expressing doubt in some new endeavor, relationship or situation.

Tiger in this dream means your desire to be admired and looked up to. You need to look at a situation from a rational perspective. You need to get aspects of your life in order. Your dream stands for an unveiling of previously hidden aspects of yourself. You need to trust your instincts or that you need to utilize your instincts more.

Cat in dream is a clue for your commitment to be fair in a situation. Perhaps there is someone who you need to reach out to. You need to get a handle on who you are. The dream states some hidden knowledge or some latent talent which you have failed to recognize. You have been misbehaving and have been caught in the act.

Cat dream refers to your desires to be sheltered from the bitterness of reality. You are going through some major emotional turmoil. You are exposing your emotions. Your dream represents your pursuit for knowledge and information. You need to have more precision in the goals that you are reaching for.

Dream about both “Tiger” and “Cat” denotes someone who is dumb or stupid. There is something missing from your life. You are lacking motivation. This dream expresses your inability to make yourself heard and express yourself clearly. You may have lost touch with your real identity.

Dream about tiger cat stands for misfortune, loss of honor and respect and hostility amongst friends and loved ones. You are worried about some outcome in your life and want to control what is happening around you. You need to be aware of other people’s feelings. This dream is a sign for a long and pleasant journey. You are preoccupied with something in your mind that is causing you much anxiety.

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