Dream about trying to find someone

Dream about Trying To Find Someone is a hint for spiritual renewal and rejuvenation. You feel good about yourself. You are saying goodbye to someone. This dream is an indication for rebirth, hope and new opportunities after a period of inactivity. You are feeling disconnected with one of your parents.

Try in a dream indicates a problem or concern that has been lingering over you. You need to pay attention to your intuition. Perhaps you are feeling unmotivated or uninspired. This dream represents your introverted personality. You need to let your mind and body to rejuvenate.

Find dream states your control over a situation. You need to be more in touch with your intuition and inner forces. You tend to do what other people expect of you. This dream states the end of some habit, journey, relationship or condition. You are in someone else’s shadow.

Someone in this dream is an omen for someone who can’t take criticism. You are warning someone. Perhaps, you need to acknowledge your feminine side. Your dream is cleansing and healing. There is a situation or relationship that requires special attention and care.

Dreaming of Try and Find and Someone

Try and Find is a premonition for you anxiety and concern of growing older. You need to be more affectionate in your life. You have a spiritual guide. Your dream is about your life is balanced and in harmony. You are in tune with your spirituality.

Try and Someone signals the many different roles you have in your life. Someone else’s goal and life path are affecting your own personal goals and path. You have put your own goals on hold. This dream is a symbol for emerging creativity, renewal and revitalization. You will overcome some obstacles and find that your struggles are well worth it.

Dream About Finding Someone is a hint for your heritage and your roots. You may feel alienated by society. You need to lay out your agenda, your goals and what you want to accomplish. The dream suggests freedom in your personal life. You need to be more dedicated to your goals and achievements.

Dream about Trying To Find Someone hints an innocent heart. You are open to the influences of others. You are acknowledging the feminine or masculine side. This dream symbolises a spiritual renewal and cleansing. You are loving life.

Sometimes, dream about trying to find someone is unfortunately an alert for a lack of wisdom or confusion in some situation. There is a situation where you are seeking acceptance and wanting to be a part of. You are experiencing inhibitions and powerlessness in some areas of your life. Your dream is unfortunately a warning signal for a lack of freedom in some aspect of your life. You are carrying too much on your shoulders and need to prioritize.

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I always have this dream, but this time I was trying to find my crush in a line, but I didn’t see him. I should say that I sneaked out of class to see him, but the people found out and said I was in trouble. I wanted to scream because I was frustrated, but I couldn’t.


I dreamed I was trying to find my crush, inside and outside. I remember that it was snowing when I was trying to find him outside, but I didn’t find him in any of the places.