Dream about turning into rat

Dream about Turning Into Rat is a sign for an appreciation and celebration of life. You have unknowingly exposed certain private matters, due to your carelessness and neglect. You are thinking ahead to the future. Your dream refers to your need to belong or be part of a group. You need to listen carefully.

Turning Into Rat is a message for tears and heartaches. You are refusing to see or acknowledge some truth. You are expressing a desire to escape from your daily responsibilities and demands. The dream represents an indication that something crucial and precious to you has ended. It is time to explore your spiritual side.

Dreaming of Turn and Rat

Turn in your dream denotes your need for more leisurely pursuits. It is time to stop idling and start moving things along. You need to freely pursue your goals. The dream is an omen for your personal anxieties and fears of change. Your subconscious is telling you not to trust a person immediately.

Turn in this dream is a clue for a physical relationship that you are involved in, but have no emotional bond. You are seeking some guidance or are expressing a desire to know what the future has in stored for you. Perhaps you need to take better care of your body. The dream is an evidence for small or minor growth that is occurring in your life. You are setting standards for yourself or of what you think others expect of you.

Rat in dream states the direction of your life and the decisions you have made along the way. You may be trying to evaluate a situation and gather information about your environment. You need to be truthful or to come clean about something. Your dream represents your fears that some hidden aspect of your life will be discovered or made public. You are either in anticipation or in fear of having children.

Rat dream is a portent for a new opportunity or challenge. Perhaps, you are having concerns about your ability to hold some situation or relationship together. You are trying to hide something. Your dream is a clue for your own stubbornness. You have lost faith and belief in yourself.

Dream about both “Turn” and “Rat” is unfortunately a warning signal for grief, bad luck and unhappiness. It is time to lay your future plans and goals. You may feel someone else is running your life or dictating what you can and can not do. The dream is sadly a warning for a situation where you are feeling helpless or by someone who is overly controlling or is making you feel less than human. You are overly concerned with how others perceive you.

Dream about turning into rat is a message for your ability to shape your own path in life. You lead an active life and are always on the go. You are deviating from your life path and goals. The dream is a signal for your responsibilities and burdens. You will experience many setbacks, especially if you continue to let your emotions run out of control.

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