Dream about ups truck

Dream about Ups Truck is a clue for your ability to control and watch what you say. You are putting up an emotional barrier around you and as a result, pushing the people away. Somebody is offering you reassurance that you are headed on the right track. The dream is a harbinger for your tendency to hold on and cling to your childhood. You also pride yourself in your loyalty and generosity.

Ups Truck means spiritual peace and tranquility. You are seeking more clarity and insight. You are about to embark on a new adventure in your personal life. Your dream stands for negative emotions that are literally growing and expanding in your subconscious. You need to make up your mind.

Dreaming of Ups and Truck

Ups dream is a message for wounded emotions or feelings that you may have suppressed. You are overreacting in some situation. You are being censored in some area of your life. The dream is a signal for some unresolved issues and tension with your friend or coworker. You have a tendency to hold in and keep your feelings to yourself.

Ups in this dream is harmony and cooperation in a situation or relationship. Your achievements will soon be recognized. You feel that you are not yourself anymore. The dream signifies fears of losing control of yourself or losing your position or status in life. Perhaps you are trying to decide between two options.

Truck in dream is an evidence for your belief of fate. Perhaps you need to be prepared to put up a fight in some area of your life. You tend to let things happen instead of making things happen. This dream denotes some indiscretion or thoughtlessness. You may be running away from a primal urge or fear.

Truck dream is an evidence for your fears of being abandoned. You need to bring some situation to the surface. You are being too subjective in some matter. The dream is an omen for your shadow and other unacknowledged aspects of yourself. You need to regain some control and independence in your life.

Dream about both “Ups” and “Truck” is a message for punishment, unhappiness shame and guilt. You are unable to express yourself. You don’t believe in yourself and don’t feel you have something to offer. This dream is a message for abundance, plentitude, fertility and prosperity. You are not expressing your anger in a productive way.

Dream about ups truck states monotony in your life. You are taking advantage of a person. You finally understand this person in a new way. The dream symbolises completeness in love. You have crossed some boundary.

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Dream about I driving a strong petrol truck down hill. I feared to drive uphill, I was given a piece of meat to eat.

Tharlene LakesMathis

dreaming I was at a house with someone & we were waitng be picked up when here come UPS truck & person said heres ride. I left my purse,worried be stolen,we got in truck,went little ways to restaurant & this familiar guy walks up & I said we ought to go play music somewhere. Lot of people & neighbors watching us as we were laughing