Dream about upside cross

Dream about Upside Cross is celebration and happiness. Your hard work will pay off in the end with sweet results. You are involved in a some sort of conflict. The dream denotes life and longevity. You need to do something adventurous.

Upside Cross hints the positive aspects of change. You are keeping your true self hidden. You are feeling helpless in a situation. This dream is a metaphor for a relationship or situation that requires a more delicate touch. You are on a path of self discovery.

Dreaming of Upside and Cross

Upside dream is a clue for disappointments and failures. You are overly fixating on minor details and overlooking the important things on your life. You are well-grounded, even though you appear to be flighty at times. Your dream means mourning and death. You need to eat a more healthy diet.

Upside in this dream is a sign for your habit of making demands on people and controlling situations around you. You are too controlling. You have missed or lost an opportunity. This dream is a clue for self-esteem issues or a skewed self image. You do not think much of a specific person.

Cross in dream suggests restrictions and limitations. You need to approach some situation more slowly. You need to evaluate a situation more thoroughly. Your dream is a premonition for your desire to sanitize a situation. You need to adjust your attitude.

Cross dream is sometimes your ability to coordinate your actions and execute your plans. You are trying to hide something from the world. You are feeling detached in your personal relationship. Your dream draws attention to your simplistic needs and desires. You are feeling emotionally detached from others.

Dream about both “Upside” and “Cross” symbolises war, violence and masculine power. You are lacking focus in your life. You are forcing your beliefs on others. Your dream signifies a lack of freedom in some aspect of your life. You may be harboring some repressed thoughts, some unexpressed emotions, resentments, or hostilities.

Dream about upside cross is a symbol for a more youthful aspect of yourself. You are transforming subconscious energy into conscious awareness. Somebody or something is effecting your thinking and clouding your judgment. The dream symbolises your connection and comfort level with your appearance. You are experiencing anxieties about the future and in achieving your goals.

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