Dream about vampires and werewolves

Dream about Vampires And Werewolves expresses an underground community. You are overlooking certain aspects in your life. You need to expand your awareness and knowledge. Your dream is a clue for an opportunity to share your ideas and opinions with others. You are a fighter.

Vampires And Werewolves is a hint for growth and rebirth. You are taking a step in the right direction. You have overcome some strong feminine temptation. The dream symbolises an emotional or creative blockage. You are striving for recognition.

Dream about both “Vampire” and “Werewolf” denotes a lack of values or characters. You are lacking energy and vitality in your life. Your privacy is being violated. This dream is a message for your old fashioned thinking and outdated attitude. You feel stuck in you current situation and do not know how to get out of it.

Dream about vampires and werewolves hints decisiveness and control in your life. You may be acknowledging and embracing both your feminine and masculine aspects of Self. You are getting to root of a matter or situation. This dream points at the power in your movement and the boldness of your position. You may be feeling threatened.

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In my dream, vampires and werewolves were attacking a small settlement of people after sunset daily. It was near sunset, and I was completely without fear. I then made for my home with a companion. What I remember most was the inner peace I felt.


In my dream I was the vampire. I was fighting a werewolf


Dreamt of staying in a cabin with my GF and mutual friends. It was night time. There was a vampire in the house. It attacked us. My GF became the vampire. I would then help her by killing one of our friends. Later, during the day, we walked outside then came a stranger with a backpack. He was looking for someone. I told him they’re probably dead and laughed in his face. I walk away and then he turns into a werewolf and a black snake pokes its head out of his backpack. The werewolf attacks me.


I dream That I was being chased/hunted by a vampire. And iI had to release a werewolf that would protect me. I latter trapped the werewolf in some kind of cell. But my father told me to release him. I was afraid but after doing so the werewolf was actually a human who was kind and walked away.

moon goddess

what if you have a dream where both the vampire and werewolf are your lovers. i had a very really dream that both were beautiful people that loved me and i felt like it was my past life? i dont know maybe im just crazy