Dream about violent elephant

Dream about Violent Elephant states of intellect, enlightenment, awareness or the search for truth. You are on the fast track to success. They are battling their own personal issues. This dream is a hint for clarity of thought and peace of mind. You are keeping your emotions in check.

Violent Elephant is a signal for a temporary condition in your life. Perhaps you to be more understanding about a situation or event. You are more aggressive and direct about your pent up emotions. The dream is protection and secrecy. You are headed on the wrong path.

Dreaming of Violent and Elephant

Violent in your dream is an indication for a fear of deprivation. Perhaps you need to work on your self-image and improve on your image. You need a stage or platform for your self-expression. Your dream represents the ending of a phase or project. You are wallowing in self-pity.

Violent in this dream is a signal for control over your emotional desires. You are having a difficult time on focusing on one goal. People around you are anxiously awaiting your decision. Your dream refers to your irrational thoughts. You obey others without question.

Elephant in dream represents your wish to return to a life where you had little responsibility and worries. You are feeling somewhat insecure or instable in a relationship. You may be going through an emotional cool-off period. Your dream is an evidence for hard work, diligence, cooperation and industry. You may be looking for excitement in your social sphere or your life.

Elephant dream signals the meeting between your two states of mind – the rational and the irrational. You need to pay attention to the actions and behavior of your friend or co-worker. You have trouble making yourself heard. The dream hints your innocence, purity, simplicity and carefree attitude. You need to evaluate a situation more thoroughly.

Dream about both “Violent” and “Elephant” hints your ability to survive through shame, misfortune and embarrassment. Your problems are not as serious as you may think. It is time to take control and stop relying on outside help. Your dream is sadly an admonition for a forceful, violent or passionate release of your repressed emotions. You are experiencing feelings of self-doubt, incompetence and lack of control in your life.

Dream about violent elephant is a signal for self-exploration and your connection with a higher power. You are preoccupied with something in your mind that is causing you much anxiety. You are trying to make a good impression. Your dream is some primitive impulse and raw energy. You are looking for some comic relief.

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