Dream about virgin mary

Dream about Virgin Mary indicates your artistic talents. You have been hit with some surprising information or news. You strive for perfection. Your dream signifies the nature of the emotions that you are experiencing. You are overestimating the strength of something.

Virgin Mary is a symbol for dedication and commitment. You are reliable and dependable. You are being overwhelmed by some repressed feeling or subconscious material that is rising up to the surface. The dream is your emotions and emotional gratification. You need to improve your communications skills.

Dreaming of Virgin and Mary

Virgin in your dream suggests getting things done. You are looking for guidance to stay on the right path. You are hoping someone would look your way more often. Your dream is an indication for some irreversible plan or action. You are starting to break down your emotional barriers.

Virgin in this dream stands for issues that you are keeping to yourself instead of confronting. You are not ready for the change. Your own fears and doubts may be holding you back. This dream signifies your need to release some emotional desires. You are shielding yourself from your emotions.

Mary in dream is a signal for struggle and conflict. You feel inadequate. You are trying to escape from your daily problems. This dream is a premonition for someone in your life who exhibits some qualities that you liked. Something or someone is holding back your success.

Mary dream is a premonition for conflict and aggression. You are reluctant in fully expressing yourself. Your trust has been compromised. This dream is a symbol for imbalance, struggle, worry and trouble in some personal situation or business matter. You are experiencing much stress in some situation.

Dream about both “Virgin” and “Mary” is a premonition for a lack of harmony in your domestic life. You are too rigid in your thinking. You need to cleanse yourself and get rid of past pain. This dream indicates a poor or distorted self-image. You may be too brash and abrasive.

Dream about virgin mary is a harbinger for your ability to control your emotions and keep them in line. You are open to the influences of others. You may be letting your competitive nature get the best of you. This dream is a message for wisdom and intellect. There is something that you need to ignite and rekindle in your life.

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