Dream about walking on graves

Dream about Walking On Graves is a portent for openness and concealment at the same time. You are comfortable with expressing and dealing with your emotions. Someone has power over you and are making you do things that you do not necessarily want to do. This dream hints the Self. Pleasant times are ahead for you.

Walking On Graves is an omen for your determination, direction and goal. There is a message that you need to convey and get across to others. You need to introduce some liveliness in your life. Your dream signifies an emotional barrier. You are moving rapidly through life with tremendous ease and determination.

Dreaming of Walk and Graf

Walk in your dream is a clue for feelings of guilt or a breakdown of a plan. You are letting your emotions guide your decisions. You are doing your best to handle life’s ups and downs. This dream is some embarrassing situation. You are exploring aspects of your emotions, but are not ready to act.

Walk in this dream is a sign for a situation that you are having difficulty confronting or accepting. You need to be open to compromise and meet halfway. Time will heal the pain. The dream is an omen for minor obstacles that you must overcome. You are discovering old talents or skills that you have been casting aside.

Graf in dream draws attention to your fears and vulnerabilities. You are in pursuit of someone or something. You have reached a new level of stability and calmness. Your dream is a signal for feelings of being oppressed by others or by situations in your life. You are projecting your emotional wounds and painful experiences onto others.

Graf dream is about hypocrisy and being someone that you are not. You may feel physically or emotionally drained. You are way out of your league in some situation. Your dream is a signal for guilt about your actions or behavior. You or someone in your life is acting two-faced.

Dream about both “Walk” and “Graf” expresses your annoying habits. You are trying to emulate someone you admire. You have a carefree attitude, free from any responsibilities. The dream is an indication for an organization or a common acronym or it may spell out some hidden message or advice. There are some needs you are trying to fulfill.

Dream about walking on graves is a premonition for harmony and cooperation. You are going through an important transition. After much patience and hard work, you will succeed in your professional and personal life. Your dream is a signal for some spiritual significance for you and thus represents the father, son and holy spirit. You see that being ill is an easy way out.

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