Dream about water on fire

Dream about Water On Fire is an omen for happiness, harmony and joy in some situation or relationship. You have successfully completed your transformation. You are seeking a sense of security. This dream is renewal and clarity. You can see right through somebody and their intentions.

Water On Fire is a signal for your free and fun-loving side. You want to squash something or somebody. In order to have success and make it happen, you need to be able to visualize it. This dream signals happiness and a worry-free attitude. You are afraid to confront the unknown aspects of yourself.

Dreaming of Water and Fire

Water in your dream is a message for medical concerns. You need to stand up for yourself for no one else can do it for you. Perhaps you need to turn to a friend or even professional help in order to deal with your problems effectively. This dream is a metaphor for the rational and mental processes. Your vision is being impaired or clouded by something or someone.

Water in this dream is a hint for a quest for harmony in your life. You need to be careful in who you trust and who you confide in. You need to go after what you want. This dream is a harbinger for difficulties and errors in your judgment. You need to slow down and take time to heal.

Fire in dream is an indication for your ultimate fears. You have trouble letting others in. You are avoiding some issue. This dream is an omen for old memories, your abilities and your experiences. You need to clear up some mistakes that you have made.

Fire dream draws attention to unresolved problems that need to be worked out with your friend or family. You need to take better care of your health. You dislike someone or you are being disliked. Your dream points at medical concerns. You feel that you are left in the dark about some information.

Dream about both “Water” and “Fire” is an omen for feelings of rejection or not fitting into a group. You putting up a defensive wall in an effort to hide your anxieties or shortcomings. You may have been dishonest or manipulative. The dream means self-indulgent behavior or unwanted attention. There is some issue or problem that needs to be brought into the open.

Dream about water on fire is an evidence for a balance between dominance and nurturance. You are seeking help from others. You strive for perfection. This dream stands for unknown and major changes that are occurring in your life. Some important and significant stage in your life may be coming to an end.

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