Dream about water parting

Dream about Water Parting is a harbinger for a simplified lifestyle. There is a promise to be kept. You have clarity in some situation or problem. Your dream is a message for your fascination or obsession with a particular celebrity. You feel accomplished in your goals and satisfied with your life.

Water Parting is a clue for the new roles that you will be taking on and the uncertainty that that may bring. You are experiencing some disruptions that are hindering your goals. You need to clear you mind and thoughts. Your dream is a clue for a situation you are refusing to see or confront, but are aware of it in some passive way. You are experiencing peace of mind.

Dreaming of Water and Parting

Water in your dream denotes a need for you to find companionship. Your feelings or ideas are being dismissed or cast to the side. You will redeem yourself and regain your honor after your fall from grace. The dream denotes your identity or someone else’s identity. You are headed nowhere.

Water in this dream is sometimes your primal instinct or dark side. You are expanding your realm of understanding. The way of expressing yourself is vague and unrecognizable. This dream hints that your passions may be out of control. You are putting power in someone else’s hands and allowing them to make choices and decide for you.

Parting in dream is a portent for your anxieties about being able to protect and provide for your family. You will earn too much money from a work that you are going to be completed, but you need to be careful while you are spending it. You need to channel your energy in a positive way. This dream signals past memories or repressed thoughts. You need to approach some issue from a new direction.

Parting dream indicates cleansing and releasing of suppressed thoughts. Your feelings are being dictated by some outside forces. Perhaps you feel that you have been treated unfairly. This dream expresses your feelings of sadness. You are avoiding some responsibility or refusing to acknowledge your role in it.

Dream about both “Water” and “Parting” is an admonition for your rejected or shameful emotions. Someone in your life undermining or working against you. You have feelings of regret and remorse over the evil you have done onto an innocent person. The dream draws attention to missed opportunities or lost rewards. Your feelings are predictable.

Dream about water parting is your desire to be closer to nature. Two parts are coming together as one. You may be unwilling to confront your shadow self. This dream indicates the many directions that you can take in life. You will need a lot of nerve to achieve some task.

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