Dream about wedding planning

Dream about Wedding Planning is a premonition for an expression of greater self love and acceptance. You are being held back from fully expressing yourself. You are clear on your feelings and are expressing them in a healthy manner. This dream suggests pleasant indulgences. You are exploring a new perspective in life.

Wedding Planning is a premonition for an emotional or intimate connection with a person. Perhaps you feel betrayed. It is time to let go and live in the present times. This dream represents how you are moving and navigating through life. You have control over your emotions.

Dreaming of Wedding and Planning

Wedding in your dream is a symbol for inner riches, untapped resources and unexpressed talents. You are open to criticism, ideas and opinions. You need to pay closer attention to a problem or issue. The dream states a needy or codependent relationship. Perhaps you need to adapt to your existing circumstances instead of trying to change them.

Wedding in this dream states your display of dominance in some situation or relationship. Your need to forgive someone that is close to you. You are looking to escape from your daily problems. This dream signifies a loss of control and power. You are worshipping an idol.

Planning in your dream is a hint for your fears about death. You are being prevented from expression your views, opinions or feeling. You are intentionally being cryptic about your true feelings or intentions. The dream states mourning and death. You are feeling out of place in some situation.

Planning dream symbolises your search for stability and security. Perhaps you are dealing with some aspects of society or politics. You have nothing to hide. The dream is the sun. You may be adapting or accepting to the changes and circumstances in your life.

Dream about both “Wedding” and “Planning” is an admonition for aspects of yourself that you are still trying to get to know. Your forward progress is being controlled by someone or by some outside forces. That there is a difficult situation that you are trying your best to handle or manipulate. This dream indicates your feelings of shame and guilt. You are feeling misguided and are struggling to understand.

Dream about wedding planning suggests your desires to cling on and live in the past. You feel special and privileged. Perhaps you are taking a nonchalant attitude to circumstances that need serious consideration. The dream refers to an emotional outlet to help ease your mind. You can be both powerful and gentle.

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I dreamt I was at a wedding symposium with my boyfriend shopping around for wedding ideas. This was on a sandy area. My sister and her husband were there and she was happy that I was making that choice. My paator was also present. There was a lady who came to speak to us about a package from her business. We were asked to introduce ourselves and I did that. While introducing ourselves my sister whispered to her husband I am so happy for my sister look at her she is happy and she smiled at me.


My dream was about me and my boyfriend (who are currently on the verge of breaking up) planning our wedding. Its supposed to be held at our house on 14th. What does it mean?


My dream wasn’t about a wedding. I dreamt I was walking on a beach with my 6 year old and 1 year old. I asked my 6 year old for my phone and he threw It. It hit a bird. So I decided to skin it, rinse it in the ocean, so I can eat it. Then I ended up at a neighbors house trying to eat old chicken wings left out over night. What does this mean.


I dream was going to marry to my boyfriend whom I live with. But I was planning on the amount of people I want to be there and I said I want 50 persons to be there and I use all the 50 persons including my pastor