Dream about weight gain

Dream about Weight Gain means what you have done what where you are headed. You feel accomplished in your goals and satisfied with your life. You are regressing into your comfort zone. Your dream expresses a commitment to your life partner. You are looking at something from a new angle or different perspective.

Weight Gain indicates your playfulness and carefree nature. You are refusing something. Various aspects of your life are coming together. The dream is an indication for happiness and pleasure. You need to make your presence known and your voice heard.

Dreaming of Weight and Gain

Weight in your dream is a signal for chaos and disagreements. It is time to utilize your potential and be more assertive. You are being pressured to settle down. This dream is a premonition for a physical relationship that you are involved in, but have no emotional bond. Perhaps you are unsure of how to read people and their emotions.

Weight in this dream means your unwillingness to understand some issue. You need to gain some insight and knowledge before making a decision or tackling some project/relationship. You are holding on to the past. This dream is sometimes financial hardships. You may be contemplating on strengthening and changing aspects of your character.

Gain in your dream signifies someone who is mysterious. You need to get a new perspective of some situation. You are learning from your past and making productive use of the lessons you have learned. The dream states your need for patience. Maybe you should stop talking and listen more.

Gain dream is about a union with aspects of yourself. You are interfering in the healing process. Major changes are occurring within yourself. Your dream is a sign for mischief and trouble. You don’t like to cause trouble or create disagreements.

Dream about both “Weight” and “Gain” means manipulation, action and non-verbal communication. You need to do some research and weigh out your options before making a decision on some matter. You will find that your worries were unfounded and that they will turn out to be better than expected. The dream is a harbinger for your ability to convert outside resources and use it for your own needs. Something may be slipping away from your grasp.

Dream about weight gain represents a new direction that you are taking. You have the power to bravely face the secrets of your subconscious and confront life’s challenges. You are weaving your future and destiny. The dream is an omen for pleasurable but costly journeys. You will outwit your opponents.

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I had a dream that I was in front of my bathroom mirror. I told someone out loud I gained weight.