Dream about wet wood

Dream about Wet Wood is a message for loyalty, honor, duty and discipline. You have misjudged the solid foundation that you are on. You are opening up yourself to a new level of spirituality or consciousness. Your dream expresses memories of images from your past. Although some feelings may appear minor, it is worthwhile to address them before it erupts unexpectedly.

Wet Wood points at your over the top attitude. You will find closure to those unresolved issues. You are good at offering your advice to others. The dream is sometimes warmth, love, security and protection. You are impotent.

Dreaming of Wet and Wood

Wet in your dream symbolises the transfer of ideas and advices from one person to another. You need to confront the issue and stop relying on outside help. Perhaps you are lacking these qualities in your relationship. This dream points to the inevitable. Major changes will occur over a short period of time.

Wet in this dream is a clue for your inability to meet your obligations and fulfill your goals. You are in a state of stagnation. You are searching for a new sense of self. This dream is an omen for control over your life. You are nervous or anxious about something.

Wood in dream denotes your overindulgent behavior. You want others to know that you are in charge. You may be acting with your heart instead of thinking things out more clearly. Your dream is a sign for your instinctual urges. You are shutting out someone who you were previously close to.

Wood dream is sometimes your need to be rescued from some situation or relationship. You need to put a little more spice and variety in your life. You are not really expressing how you really feel. The dream hints a mental challenge or a problem in your life that you need to solve. You are not able to escape from the daily responsibilities of your life.

Dream about both “Wet” and “Wood” is some aspect of your life is in discord. You are suffering from exhaustion or that you are feeling emotionally drained. Someone is trying to reassure and reaffirm your progress forward. This dream is a hint for destructive feelings, stinging remarks, bitter words and negative thoughts being expressed by or aimed against you. You may be experiencing a loss of freedom in some area of your life.

Dream about wet wood suggests a sense of hopelessness. Some fortune or good luck will come your way. You are expressing a wish to escape from your responsibilities. This dream means a connection and union between the spiritual realm and the physical realm. Things are going well in your relationship or some aspect of your life.

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