Dream about white blanket

Dream about White Blanket is an evidence for your giving and charitable nature. You may need to start pushing yourself and utilizing your full potential. You are expressing a desire to escape from your daily responsibilities. Your dream is sometimes your condition and status in life. You are experiencing an emotional standstill.

White Blanket means devotion, spiritual beliefs and life’s sweet rewards. There is always something that needs to be tended to. There is something that you have yet to discover about yourself. The dream represents mystery, richness, smoothness. or some alluring quality. You are looking for advice and direction in life.

Dreaming of White and Blanket

White in your dream is a clue for your desires in wanting to associate with people in public positions. You need to alter your path or risk losing something of significance and value to you. You need to weigh your options carefully and think through your actions. The dream represents distress that will come in the disguise of happiness. You are being careless.

White in this dream points to your need to be protected. You have made a poor judgment and are facing the consequences. You feel being taken advantage of. This dream denotes the merging of the child and adult within yourself. You are looking to break out of your shell.

Blanket in dream is a premonition for secrets that you may have kept from others or aspects of yourself that you have kept hidden and shielded away. Perhaps you need to live for the moment and not dwell in the past. You are feeling neglected in your relationship or that your feelings are being overlooked. Your dream is unrealized hopes. You are struggling with some moral issue or inner demons.

Blanket dream suggests some unknown situation and how you are blindly entering into a situation or deal. You are wasting away your talents and abilities. You may be seeking for some form of shelter from the outside world. Your dream refers to someone who is overtly gay. You are trying to hide from the pain.

Dream about both “White” and “Blanket” is an indication for the womb and thus signify refuge, protection and concealment. You are overly concerned with your looks and image. There is some repressed thoughts that you need to verbalize. The dream is sadly a warning alert for barriers and problems in your life. You are desperately holding out for a chance to obtain the object of you affection.

Dream about white blanket is a clue for innocence, frailty and vulnerability. You are surrounded by friends and family. You need to be more confident and self-assured. The dream is a message for your ability to clarify a situation and shed some perspective on an issue. Your creativity is being put to work.

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My dad told me he has prepared white blankets for me


My friend who I had feeling for before was staying at my mom’s house and somehow got the white blanket I have currently in real life.


I was ordering a white blanket from a tailor but they promised to give me the next day


I was dreaming that I brought a white blanket to my ex-boyfriend.


Thank you so much for the answer ❤️


A man I love was pitting white blanket over me.


I dreamt about someone telling me to buy a white blanket whilst I was standing in the clear water

Thandiwe Lucia

I was sleeping in a white blanket.
I had anew born baby wearing white clothes


Putting white blanket in water