Dream about witch lady

Dream about Witch Lady is an evidence for you sensuality and emotions. You are keeping your emotions well guarded. You are satisfied with your current situation in life. Your dream is a harbinger for your ideal, hopes, potential and the youthful part of yourself. You are being nourished with love.

Witch Lady stands for spiritual enlightenment, hope, new ideas and visions. You need to keep both feet on the ground. You are able to see beyond the surface and look at what is on the inside. This dream points at your strength, competence, determination and ability to achieve your goals. You are taking on more than you can handle.

Dreaming of Witch and Lady

Witch in your dream is a premonition for unfulfilled desires. You are in an unhealthy or destructive relationship. You need to stop looking at things as a joke. The dream is an indication for your individualistic attitude. You need to coordinate some mass movement.

Witch in this dream is a clue for loss and sorrow. You need to study more or increase your self-knowledge. You may be feeling liberated and free. The dream is a premonition for your desire to escape from the pain of reality instead of confronting them. Your subconscious is calling you a chicken.

Lady in dream is a metaphor for your clouded way of thinking. You are a group leader and a trend setter. You are being overly indulgent and living a life of excess. Your dream signals your objectiveness in a situation. You are accepting of different or diverging views.

Lady dream is a message for cooperation and teamwork in some relationship. You may be indebted to someone. You are ready to reveal or expose an aspect of yourself that you have been hiding. The dream is an omen for a need for enjoyment or a distraction. You energies are being drained.

Dream about both “Witch” and “Lady” is a warning signal for the shedding away of old ways, habits and conditions. You feel victimized emotionally. Whatever comes around goes around. The dream is an indication for your unfulfilled goals and a sense of lacking in your life. Your relationship with one of your friend is long dead.

Dream about witch lady is a portent for your lavish lifestyle. Perhaps you are waiting for your perfect lover. Somebody is offering you reassurance that you are headed on the right track. Your dream is a premonition for the price you pay to get ahead in life. Something that you desire is being kept from you.

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