Dream about world exploding

Dream about World Exploding expresses control, hope, determination, possession or endurance. You need someone to help pick you up and get you on the right track again. You are easily swayed by others and are allowing them to control you. The dream is a premonition for precision and accuracy in what you do. You like to take charge of others and watch out for their best interest.

World Exploding is a clue for knowledge, identity, or whatever qualities you hold precious in your life. You have misjudged the solid foundation that you are on. You are emotionally stable and healthy. The dream stands for your emotional and spiritual support. You are feeling exposed or put on the spot.

Dreaming of World and Explode

World in your dream is a premonition for your readiness for change. Your exotic tastes and strange experiences may turn off those around you. You need to be more decisive and forge forward with your plans. Your dream is a metaphor for something where you need to devote more attention to. You need to resolve issues of the past in order to be able to make a clean, new start for yourself.

World in this dream points at feelings of rejection or of not being able to keep up. You need to challenge or address someone about an issue that is bothering you. You need to be self-sufficient and stand on your own two feet. This dream is a premonition for difficulties in achieving your goals and choosing your path in life. The way of expressing yourself is vague and unrecognizable.

Explode in dream is about your close-mindedness and limited way of thinking. You have some minor concerns about a situation. You need to figure out what you want to do with your life. This dream symbolises oppression, lowliness and vulnerability. There are certain sacrifices that you need to make in order to achieve your goal.

Explode dream is a premonition for some aspect of yourself that is private. You are an authority figure. You feel that you are giving too much of yourself in a relationship or situation. The dream means some hidden, mysterious aspect of yourself. There is something or someone you need to face.

Dream about both “World” and “Explode” signals barriers and problems in your life. You do not need to be afraid to face the situation that is killing you. You are hindering someone’s goals or not letting them be who they are. This dream draws attention to fear, frustration and anger which you have repressed and kept inside. You are lacking a certain quality of a person you are working with and need to incorporate that quality within your own self.

Dream about world exploding points at a need to belong and to be part of something. You need more motivation and encouragement. It is okay to let loose once in a while. Your dream is a premonition for your perspective changes from the first person to the third person. New changes in your life will take you to new directions and new heights of status and recognition.

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