Dream about yellow skin

Dream about Yellow Skin points to dependability, truth and dedication. You are interested-in someone and want to gain their favor. You will rise to a position of prominence and power. This dream is a symbol for the constancy of your love. You will be greatly satisfied with the outcome of a situation or project.

Yellow Skin is a sign for a welcoming experience or inviting situation. You are seeking some spiritual or emotional nourishment. You have a clear and smooth path ahead. The dream is a portent for the fruition of some idea. The future looks bright for you.

Dreaming of Yellow and Skin

Yellow in your dream represents your nervousness or irritability about something. You tend to just go with the flow of things. You need to find a safe way to express your feelings. Your dream means sadness and trouble. Perhaps your ideology about friendship is too rigid.

Yellow in this dream is a portent for loss of power and uncertainty in achieving your goals. You feel others are walking all over you. You tend to do what other people expect of you. This dream is a premonition for areas in your life which are bothering you, disturbing you and hurting you in some emotional way. You are doing something despite being told not to do it.

Skin in dream is a message for your close-mindedness and limited way of thinking. You need to acknowledge and confront the issue in order to complete your transformation and achieve wholeness. You are trying to escape from some guilt or fear. The dream is a metaphor for firm and concrete ideas or plans that are being set into motion. You are trying to escape from life’s stresses.

Skin dream is a hint for feelings of loneliness. You are learning to let go and that can’t always be there to protect someone. You may be harboring feelings of guilt and self-punishment. This dream is a sign for feeling of being trapped or immobilized. You are being sidetracked or distracted from achieving your goals.

Dream about both “Yellow” and “Skin” points to an obstacle or barrier that may be standing on your path. You or someone is being repetitive or even mocking you. You are unsure of yourself and where you are headed. This dream is an indication for a difficult situation that may get your hands dirty. You are experiencing some major emotional turmoil that needs to be confronted and resolved.

Dream about yellow skin means your potential to achieve and to do something with yourself. You are unwilling to let go of your memories and the past. You are feeling overwhelmed by the negativity around you. Your dream symbolises the completion of a project or task. Some elements contribute to various aspect of your well-being.

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