Dream about your love sick

Dream about Your Love Sick symbolises virility and combativeness. You need to think things more clearly and learn to express yourself with more assurance and conviction. You are seeking for more pleasure in your life. The dream hints feminine power and change. You adjust well in various situations.

Your Love Sick signifies your respect and adoration for your friend. You are reminiscing about the past. You are going back and forth in some situation or decision. This dream suggests an improvement in your current situation. You demand respect and get it.

Dreaming of Love and Sick

Love in your dream is a metaphor for your desire to fix a situation or relationship. Perhaps you are feeling unmotivated or uninspired. Your mind is preoccupied with financial and money matters. The dream is sometimes inferiority or low self esteem. You need to incorporate some zest in your life.

Love in this dream is a portent for the killing off of the old parts and old habits. You will be let down by your high expectations. You have a tendency to get what you want. This dream is a metaphor for your desire to rebuild a connection or relationship with a person. You need to let your mind and body to rejuvenate.

Sick in dream is an evidence for a fear of an imbalance in your energy. Perhaps you are in denial about something. You are trying to change or rewrite the past to suit your own needs. This dream is a sign for your anxieties and fears about the surgery, recovery and life after surgery. You need to protect yourself from your own drive.

Sick dream is a sign for your need to feel protected and safe from life’s problems. You are ready to heal from some emotional hurt or wound. You are able to keep your anger and aggression under control. Your dream is a harbinger for a welcoming, acceptance and acknowledgement. Perhaps you are interfering into situations and things that are none of your business.

Dream about both “Love” and “Sick” is sadly a warning signal for a situation or relationship that has made you cold and bitter. Someone has disappointed you or let you down in some way. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and have a more positive outlook in your life. This dream draws attention to a blemish or minor problem. Something in your life does not feel quite real.

Dream about your love sick is a message for things in your life that you need to overcome. You need to acknowledge a negative aspect of you and confront it. You are letting fear take over and run your life. Your dream symbolises life and longevity. It is time to confront these suppressed issues.

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