Dream about bronze ring

Dream about Bronze Ring is a metaphor for the merging of your mental and spiritual state. You want to know what is ahead for you before you commit to something. Your repressed thoughts and subconscious materials are slowly coming to the surface and making its presence known. The dream hints …

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Dream about bronze

Dream about Bronze is a clue for the processing, transfer and sharing of information. Something is out of your grasp. You are trying to separate your emotions from some circumstance. Your dream indicates abundance and prosperity. You feel stuck. Bronze is a message for repressed thoughts and feelings. You are …

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Dream about bronze coin

Dream about Bronze Coin is an omen for destiny or some magical, spiritual force. You are feeling very emotional. You are content with where you are in a situation or relationship. Your dream points to living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy. You are lowering yourself …

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