Dream about being on a sailboat

Dream about Being On A Sailboat signifies power and your ability to draw strength from within yourself. You are idealizing about the past. You are feeling alienated from those around you. Your dream is a power-giving act or creative gesture. You are feeling alienated or alone in a new environment. …

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Dream about sailboat

Dream about Sailboat is communication with someone or with your conscious mind. You are erasing the past and starting anew. You are restrained from going after what you really want. The dream expresses deception and temptation. You refuse to answer to a higher power. Sailboat is about the sacrifices your …

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Dream about seeing a sailboat

Dream about Seeing A Sailboat points at love, mercy, grace and truth. You will overcome the adverse opinions of others. You are saying good-bye to one aspect of yourself and hello to a whole new you. Your dream is a metaphor for your desire for a loyal relationship. You are …

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