Dream about wink

Dream about Wink is a message for a situation where you are caught off guard. Perhaps there is someone who you need to reach out to. You may become the target of criticism. The dream is a sign for some negative energy or influence in your life. You need to …

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Dream about someone winking

Dream about Someone Winking refers to your confidence and attitude about being number one in whatever you do. You need to take a look back at the past and learn from it. You need to dedicate yourself to your goals, family, career, etc. Your dream is some temptation in your …

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Dream about girl winking

Dream about Girl Winking is a harbinger for harmony and friendship in your life. You need to start making goals for your future. You will find success if you have the support of others. This dream is a signal for a new idea. You are surrounded by true friends. Girl …

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