Dream about a baby in a plastic bag

Dream about A Baby In A Plastic Bag points to your growing confidence, high self-esteem and increasing skills. You can do anything if you set your mind to it. You are ready to explore hidden and unknown aspects of yourself. The dream is a harbinger for your determination and drive in pursing your goals. You will be involved in some important matter or decision.

Baby in your dream is a premonition for your influence over others. You are too easily distracted lately. You are at a lost for words. The dream is a message for your financial future and financial security. The tough times are almost over.

Plastic dream hints falsehood and deceit. You need to put some distance between yourself and others. You may be trying to find a resolution to a situation. The dream is a metaphor for your flexibility in some situation. You are behaving immaturely in some situation.

Bag in this dream means your erratic behavior. Someone is questioning your character and harming your reputation. You need to be more hands on in some situation or relationship. The dream stands for some dissension in a group. You do not care what other people think of you.

Dreaming of Baby and Plastic and Bag

Baby and Plastic symbolises hope, knowledge or productivity. You and your boyfriend/girlfriend share something significant. You are all show. Your dream is a sign for your flexibility and your ability to blend and adapt in various situations. You are able to see the true beauty in something or someone.

Baby and Bag points to purification and the healing process. There is something that you need to let others know. You need to continue to absorb knowledge and insights from your surroundings and experiences. This dream is a metaphor for protection from your subconscious. There is something that you need to curb in your life.

Dream About Plastic Bag represents your emotional state of mind. You are in control of the various aspects of life. You have successfully completed your transformation. This dream is a harbinger for the impact you have on others and the mark that you are leaving behind. You are able to steer something toward a direction.

Dream about A Baby In A Plastic Bag is the subconscious, your personal resources and hidden potential. You are trying to maintain a delicate balance. You are able to remain calm and cool under pressure. The dream is a metaphor for your need to exhibit some of good qualities in your life. You need to be more aware of your surroundings.

Sometimes, dream about a baby in a plastic bag stands for violent rage or sudden anger. You are a little overly protective. You may have allowed some situation to take a turn for the worse. Your dream is sadly illness and loss. You are knocking-on or insulting something or someone.

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I have wrapped a baby girl in a plastic bag, but the baby belongs to someone else. What is the spiritual meaning for this dream?