Dream about a cat with a third eye

Dream about A Cat With A Third Eye is a metaphor for love, longevity and domestic bliss. You want to add some spice to your life. Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend still has some sort of emotional hold on you. This dream denotes transformation, immortality and renewal. You are giving up the things that are unhealthy in your life.

Cat in your dream stands for your ability to remain calm or objective in a situation. There is a secret you are keeping. Someone or some situation is putting heavy demands on you. The dream is an indication for something that you are holding onto for too long. You are guarded about something in your subconscious.

Third dream stands for quick movement. You feel your creativity is being destroyed. You need to be more frugal or conserve your energy. This dream is an evidence for your social circle and togetherness. Petty things will annoy you throughout the following day.

Eye in this dream states an imbalance or some struggle in a personal situation or business matter. You need to get to the bottom of some matter. Some issues that were previously out of control have been resolved. This dream points at support and protection. You need to be secure about yourself.

Dreaming of Cat and Third and Eye

Cat and Third denotes selfless love, compassion, spiritual harmony and ideal motherhood. You will others to notice your accomplishment. You feel you are being overlooked. Your dream represents bright ideas that are coming out of your subconscious. Something in your life that has come to a crashing end.

Dream About Cats Eye is sometimes your potential for success. You are ready to reveal some deep emotion. You are being kept in the dark about some problem or issue. The dream stands for your own sense of morality and conscience. There is something important that that you need to tend to.

Dream About Third Eye stands for your life’s journey and your path in life. You are feeling emotionally content or satisfied. You are offending others. Your dream signals hugs and kisses. You are ready to move forward with a new project in your life.

Dream about A Cat With A Third Eye means the Self. You are being overwhelmed by some repressed feeling or subconscious material that is rising up to the surface. You are in danger. This dream expresses the womb and the feminine. It is time for your to move on from a situation.

Sometimes, dream about a cat with a third eye represents a huge obstacle that is standing in your way toward your goals. You are overwhelmed by the problems and decisions in your life. You are not in control of your life. The dream is an alert for an attack to your soul or to your being. You should not keep your feelings inside.

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Dreams of three white cats with third eye some kept stealing the cats and I had to go find them and get them back


I had a dream that I was following a normal gray kitten to adopt to be friend with my current cat ( i really am going to adopt one for her) and when I got her she turned into a creature with three eyes and curved horn but still very kind to me and wanted to be adopted and kept following me but maintained distance. I wasn’t scared of her but O was kindly saying that I cannot adopt her and she kept following me with three big and kind eyes and two curved horns. Thank you!


I had a dream that I had successfully escaped a shooter and heard a meow it was a grey cat with three eyes it started walking towards me and I woke up.


I had a dream about a feral gray cat with bright yellow eyes all over its body and it really stuck with me.


Hi, I had a dream about multiple cats that were outside of my house, they were all pretty and calmed but they all wanted to enter the house but I saw one cat with a third eye and I chose that to adopt and took it inside the house, also the cat was well accepted by my 2 dogs. What does it mean?


An fluffy light purple coloured cat with 3 eyes (colour is blue and green and purple blended) it was like I’m in a competition of just choosing the perfect cat… I choose this cat and i ranked 1st… Plz tell me what’s that actually mean


I had a dream i was on a big boat like a city and it had steps in back and im swimming in the water getting up on the boat with koi fish around me then I go up the lit up steps and im in some high rise and see a black and white cat with 3 eyes and im calm and later I see the same boat out in the news a month after. The worlds first hydrogen powered super yacht.


I had a dream that a black and white cat that belonged to the neighbor came to me and “chose me” to be his new owner by looking up at me and opening his third eye to me.


I dreamd im sitting at a table an this grey cat jumped on my lap climbed on the table then i comferted the cat as the cat tusrned its head i saw it had 3 eyes. I was struggling to get my phone out of my pocked holding the cat but the cat was calm as if the cat was mine. I i tried to take my phone out someone tried to distract me to take something out of my other pocket and looked like the got my vape… After that i woke up

Pseudo snake

Hello I dreamt I saw a 20 or so rat pack crawl towards a lady into her arms and when I looked up into her arms they turned into cats one of these cats was black and it came to me with 3 eyes and 1 of the eyes the right eye was damaged i ask her She said she would re home them I told her I would keep the black cat with the 3 eyes and as she walked around she said there’s another 1 with 3 eyes I think I’ll keep that 1 and as she said that this white cat walked up to me and it also had 3 eyes


I had a dream where I was feeling like I was have a psychosis episode and I friend to call my bf phone by spelling his name. Once I finally got throw a cat head with a third eye appeared and I was covering my third sue because I was scared. And my bf told me don’t call him nomore.