Dream about ground collapsing

Dream about Ground Collapsing is a signal for purification and self-renewal. You need to communicate something important and urgent. You will soon experience a turn for the better. The dream is an omen for knowledge, intellect, information and wisdom. You need to take in what you learned from the past and incorporate it into your present life.

Ground Collapsing is a clue for a female point of view. You are excited about something. You have more influence and power than you realize. The dream hints gentleness, fragility and delicate beauty. You are feeling the burdens of adulthood.

Dreaming of Ground and Collapse

Ground in your dream signifies your arrogance and that you need to tone it down. You are being accepted into some circle. Excess things are hindering you from your goals. Your dream signals your need to be reenergized or revitalized. You may be met with unexpected difficulties.

Ground in this dream suggests cleansing of past sins. You need to delve deeper in order to find the truth. Your progress will be slow but steady. Your dream is a clue for your ability to process emotions quickly. Someone or some situation is putting heavy demands on you.

Collapse in dream signifies your ever changing personalities. You need to be invigorated and revitalized. You are feeling cut-off or isolated. Your dream signifies the path that your life is taking and the decisions you are making throughout a path. You need to be in more control of your life situations and surroundings.

Collapse dream is an omen for a mother’s loss or an end to something. Perhaps you are not seeing things too clearly at the moment. You need to keep in mind that things are not one-sided. This dream refers to pureness or softness. You feel your anger or acts of aggression are validated.

Dream about both “Ground” and “Collapse” is sadly a warning for some abusive situation or unfortunate circumstance. You are having difficulties in getting through to someone in your life. You are trying to repel some destructive forces or rid yourself of harmful behaviors. Your dream is a warning alert for how you wish others to perceive you. You may not be in such solid ground as you thought.

Dream about ground collapsing is a message for emotional secrets or activities. You need to enjoy your life. You need to approach some issue or situation with discipline, precision and planning. This dream signals your motivation and confidence in your ability. There is a message that you need to convey and get across to others.

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Last night I had a dream that I was standing by a field, nothing had been planted, the ground was bare. Suddenly it started disappearing, looked like large sink holes. The ground continued to collapse in this fashion as it came toward me. When the disappearing ground got to the fence I moved to a safe distance.


I had a dream where I was in an ancient era, with a very close relative, their childhood friend, and the home attendant. We were standing watching the ground crumble into almost like a bottomless place, just literally crumbling so we moved up on to the entrence of a building and suddenly the floor beneath us began to crumble. I grabbed my relative and tried to leap with them as the others yelled my name and I woke up from my dream immediately. I’ve been having dreams like this lately.


I dreamt the front yard where dozens of children and teachers and I were standing was filled with protruding nails. We decided to upend the whole grass and were met with concrete slabs, we removed them and blocks remained. I had the forsight to tell the children to run, to get off the remaining ground, as I did, the men moving the slabs fell through. I made it off before it collapsed. I felt relief, but I noticed I did not attempt to rescue them or call for help before I woke up.


Thank you!


I was walking in a field when a train track tunnel appeared, I walked in and walked up a stair case that went to a walkway over seeing the bottom of the tunnel. As I reached the end of it I was suddenly on top of a mountain and the tunnel was gone. It was just me. Then the ground collapsed far away from me shaped like a ring and kept collapsing as rings getting closer and closer until It stopped& i was the only thing around me still standing


Thank you, I only dream maybe 3 to 4 times a year and this one happened to me 7 years ago and I still remember clear today. I learn everyday, being aware of my surroundings and the people in it. Trying to clarify every thought that roams through my head and what I need to do with them. You have no idea the things that have happened to me since then and blessings I have received along my journey. The resources and chances that have been handed to me that have changed my life from a dark empty nothing to something for the better and has shown me a future that is bright if I keep with it. And yes I do need to be more frugal. My journey has blessed me with enough to keep me going plus more, but I keep wasting it away for things that don’t matter. Just thank you for this! And God bless. 🙂


I had a dream where i followed a tour group lead by my friend into a random place with a big & gentle waterfall. The water flows into a gap in the ground and the rocks are made out of some kind of natural salts rock. We made our way down the waterfall stream and enter into a sheltered canal. The tour guide explained that the salt rock ground im standing on is actually meant to collapse any moment and fill up with water. There are small cracks srd and I fear dropping into the waterfall pit.


I’m standing in snow, It kept getting deeper then the ground collapsed, I kept going further and further down about 30-40 feet I could look up and see the opening above getting further and further away, thinking is this the way I’m going to die?
Then I woke myself up. Heart racing


I dreamt that I was in a hilly area with heavy snowfall, I was enjoying the view and the snow but suddenly, the ground collapsed and a deep pit was formed , and I was about to fall into the pit but I didn’t. I felt scared and shocked. What could this mean?


Thankyou so much..!! 🙂

Chad W

I have a recurring dream where I’m with people and the ground collapses beneath us but goes down like an elevator. In my head in the dream I believe it’s signifying the end or Armageddon, so I panic but then the ground stops falling and everything returns to normal except I’m always on edge expecting another collapse. Last night I had the same dream except this time when the floor collapses and then eventually stops, I was then able to fly and land but with little or no control.


Last night I had a dream that three of my siblings and I were at the hospital visiting our sick mom. She recently passed away too.

Anyway, while my siblings and I were at the hospital with our mom, everything just started collapsing around us. I saw the ground sinking into itself and swallowing people and cars. Then I saw a huge rush of water coming down the incline of the collapsed street which washed away everything. The hospital was still standing though and we were the only ones safe.


I dreamed my dead sister was driving and I notice the ground started to crack open. I told her to drive fast and she did. And we kept seeing sink holes and other people and their cars was falling in the holes