Dream about a run

Dream about A Run points at life’s journey and how you are performing or feeling. Perhaps you are headed in the wrong direction. You are shielded from the cold or from poverty. Your dream is a symbol for your anxieties about your family or friend issues. Someone tries to call your attention to something.

A Run means dependency and immaturity. You are experiencing some inner conflict and turmoil. You are avoiding some issue. The dream points at your unyielding attitude. You need to determine if some of your goal is still worth pursuing.

Dream about Run [a score in baseball made by a runner touching all four bases safely] is some anxiety on some major change in the relationship. You need to express and acknowledge your masculine side if you are female or your feminine side if you are male. You have not accomplished what you wanted. Your dream suggests your raw emotions or immoral behaviors. You are being hard headed about some issue.

Dream about Test [the act of testing something] is a premonition for regret of what you have done in your life. You are spending too much time on fruitless labor. You are mindlessly agreeing to things and going along with everything without questioning it. The dream is about a situation where you are acting inappropriately. You have complete control over your emotions.

Dream about Footrace [a race run on foot] suggests your brash and hard exterior. You need to pause from life’s demands and reevaluate your decisions, challenges, goals and path before continuing on. You are feeling uneasy about a situation. This dream symbolises your earthiness and simplicity. Anger often masquerades as fear.

Dream about Streak [an unbroken series of events] represents your aspirations for fame. You need to stop or you will burn yourself out. You are looking for a better perspective on something. The dream represents compensation for your hard work. You are feeling out of place in some situation.

Dream about Run [(American football) a play in which a player attempts to carry the ball through or past the opposing team] is a message for your family and issues surrounding your inner circle. You are overly fixating on minor details and overlooking the important things on your life. You feel attacked or assaulted. The dream is your unwillingness to understand some issue. You need to be more direct in telling others how you feel.

Dream about Run [a regular trip] points to your desire or need to escape from a restrictive situation or relationship. You need to butter up to someone, in order to ease the situation. You need to be careful of who you put your trust in. The dream represents the influence of evil around you. You are laying out a firm foundation for you and your family.

Dream about Run [the act of running; traveling on foot at a fast pace] points to education and learning. You need to learn to stand on your own. Perhaps you are feeling a little lost in the world. The dream is sometimes your leadership skills. You have suffered a setback to your personal freedom.

Dream about Run [the continuous period of time during which something (a machine or a factory) operates or continues in operation] is a sign for a rejection of traditional values and beliefs. You need to acknowledge and incorporate some aspect or characteristic into your self-image. You need to be careful with your conduct. The dream is an omen for your family ideals. You are feeling restrained or censored in your work environment, relationship or situation in your life.

Dream about Run [unrestricted freedom to use] draws attention to your suspicions. May be you are revealing hidden anger or frustration. You may be trying to escape from the demands of your daily life. The dream means characteristics or qualities that you can learn or adopt from your descendents. You are trying to control what is being revealed about yourself and your character.

Dream about Run [the production achieved during a continuous period of operation (of a machine or factory etc.)] signifies a transitional phase where you are approaching a new direction in life. There is something that you are trying to hide or protect. You need to stop comparing yourself to others. Your dream is an evidence for your strong desires to be recognized and acknowledged. You need to be more in tune with the inner child within.

Dream about Rivulet [a small stream] suggests your over-reliance on others. You are longing to achieve something that you have desired for awhile. You are feeling drained. The dream refers to the things you have learned from your past experiences. You need to learn to rely on others instead of doing everything yourself.

Dream about Political Campaign [a race between candidates for elective office] represents repressed anger, often from childhood. Perhaps you need to detach yourself from a situation or relationship. You are being oppressed and overpowered by others. This dream denotes heartbreaks and disappointments in love. You are going around in circles in some situation.

Dream about Run [a row of unravelled stitches] is a harbinger for your actual stress or concerns about the activity or event in real life. You are not afraid to let others know that you are in charge. You need to come down from you lofty ambitions or idealistic notions. This dream expresses a need for change or a deviation from your normal routine. Time is running out for you.

Dream about Discharge [the pouring forth of a fluid] is about feelings of fear and anxiety, Perhaps you need to bring the same sense of adventure into your existing relationship. You have broken free from a cycle or habit. The dream is a metaphor for chaos in your life. You have lost control of your anger and are overwhelmed with emotions.

Dream about Run [an unbroken chronological sequence] is a sign for your unrealized talents. You need to look on your inner strength for stimulation instead of relying on outside forces. You are neglecting aspects of your own self. Your dream expresses secrets, desires and thoughts which are being closely held and guarded. You are feeling restricted or confined in a current relationship.

Dream about Run [a short trip] is a signal for feelings of guilt for what you have, while others are struggling for their livelihood. You need to pay more attention to some small detail. You are being manipulated or influenced to your demise. This dream is a metaphor for your ability to adapt to any situation or circumstance. You feel mentally or emotionally restrained because of guilt.

Dream about Run [move fast by using one’s feet, with one foot off the ground at any given time] is an indication for your willingness to sacrifice your authority in order to maintain calmness in your domestic life or personal relationship. You may need to clean up your image or readjust your attitude. You are feeling powerless and insecure. The dream indicates instability in some area of your life. You are leaving some evidence or clue of your indulgent or negative behavior.

Dream about Scat [flee; take to one’s heels; cut and run] represents defiance. Someone may be indirectly asking for help. You need to correct your thinking and readjust your attitude. The dream is a symbol for uncertainty and confusion in your life. You need to be more flexible in your thinking.

Dream about Run [stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point] is a hint for your desire to escape from the pain of reality instead of confronting them. You have your sights clearly set on a goal. You need to be more adventuresome. This dream denotes feelings of guilt and fear of being caught. You have a need to strive for perfection.

Dream about Operate [direct or control; projects, businesses, etc.] is about your desire to be looked up to. Repressed issues may be coming back to haunt you. You need to take a step back to evaluate a situation. This dream denotes some embarrassing situation. You are unyielding in your beliefs or decisions.

Dream about Run [have a particular form] points at some mental problem. You need to delegate responsibilities and duties. You are under stress. The dream points to some financial gain. You are afraid of being left out or left behind.

Dream about Run [move along, of liquids] is a sign for mischief and trouble. You have been played or taken advantage of. You need to reevaluate your actions and its consequences. Your dream is a portent for masculine aggression or power. You are learning from your past and making productive use of the lessons you have learned.

Dream about Function [perform as expected when applied] is an omen for an unacknowledged or denied aspect of your own self. Perhaps, you are too harsh on yourself or on others. You need to learn to appreciate diversity and the uniqueness in yourself and in others around you. The dream is a sign for your emotions and how cold and rigid you are behaving. Perhaps you need to incorporate some new aspects into your own character.

Dream about Range [change or be different within limits] points at distress that will come in the disguise of happiness. You are afraid of taking risks or chances. You need to learn to let loose. The dream denotes your character is being questioned. Whatever that person represents has no part in your own life anymore.

Dream about Campaign [run, stand, or compete for an office or a position] is a loss of innocence. You are being too selfish. Perhaps you have been hurt recently. This dream points at covert sensuality, simplicity and adaptability. There is a conflict between your rational thinking and your irrational impulses.

Dream about Play [cause to emit recorded audio or video] is aspects of yourself that you like or dislike. You are trying to escape from reality. Perhaps there is someone from your past that you need to reconnect with. The dream is about drastic changes that you are trying to make. You feel someone around you is taking advantage of you and feeding off your kind heartedness.

Dream about Run [move about freely and without restraint, or act as if running around in an uncontrolled way] is about a transitional phase in your life. You need to look on your inner strength for stimulation instead of relying on outside forces. You are dwelling on little details and need to look at the large overall picture. Your dream hints your need for attention and your need to be admired. Your thinking or judgment is being clouded by your emotions.

Dream about Tend [have a tendency or disposition to do or be something; be inclined] points to a situation in your life which is triggering similar feelings felt at the time. You can hide your feelings well. Perhaps you are being too frigid. Your dream indicates your dependency on something or someone. You may not be facing up to a situation or dealing with some issue.

Dream about Run [be operating, running or functioning] is about your inhibitions, unexpressed emotions and feelings of frigidity. Perhaps, you feel that others have been leeching off of you. You are keeping in some negative emotions and attitudes that need to be released and expressed. Your dream is an indication for the sacrifices you are making. There may be something in the past that you need to incorporate into your current life.

Dream about Run [change from one state to another] states cheap thrills. You are feeling drained. Your subconscious may be trying to get your attention about an important message that you are refusing to acknowledge in your life. The dream is about the two choices or directions. Perhaps you are concerned about issues with fertility, cancer or venereal diseases.

Dream about Run [cause to perform] is a hint for your insecurity, fears and sense of helplessness. You constantly need reaffirmation, praises and acknowledgment. Perhaps you need to incorporate these aspects into your own character. The dream is about your fears about your relationship. You need to eat a more healthy diet.

Dream about Run [be affected by; be subjected to] is a premonition for your need for a change in scenery or a desire to escape from a current situation. You are being hyper-vigilant about your surroundings. Your decision will directly affect another. Your dream draws attention to abundance, longevity and fertility. You may be trying to escape from the difficulties you are experiencing in your life.

Dream about Prevail [continue to exist] is a symbol for a female in your life who is emotionally cold. You need to be more understanding or yielding in some situation. You are trying to target a specific goal. Your dream is a message for your outlook. A loss of a good friend or a deterioration of your instincts.

Dream about Run [occur persistently] is an omen for your anxieties about being able to protect and provide for your family. There is some emotional issue that you need to deal with instead of letting it clog up within you. You volunteer for something or are a volunteer. This dream is a symbol for a sticky situation or how you need to stick-up for yourself and your beliefs. You need to conceal your thoughts and be more discrete about some situation.

Dream about Run [carry out a process or program, as on a computer or a machine] is sometimes someone in your life who has character flaws and imperfections, but you accept them. You are feeling desperate to escape from your present reality. You are doing away with your old ways and habits and starting anew. Your dream is an indication for something that requires your prompt attention. You are thick-skinned or insensitive.

Dream about Carry [include as the content; broadcast or publicize] represents regression or repressed thoughts. You are giving more than you are getting back. Things literally bounce off of you. The dream is a signal for your desires to reach out to someone. Somebody may be showing you the way to solving a problem in your life.

Dream about Run [carry out] is a metaphor for your carefulness and your cautious attitude. You are getting burned or humiliated by someone or some situation. Some situation is in need of your immediate attention. This dream is sometimes the discarded aspects of yourself. You are looking for a sense of belonging, but at the same time be self-sufficient and independent.

Dream about Guide [pass over, across, or through] is a symbol for an unyielding character. Perhaps, you are feeling emotionally repressed. You need to go with your gut instincts. This dream means your introverted personality. You are feeling vulnerable or weak in some situation.

Dream about Run [cause something to pass or lead somewhere] is a portent for your thrifty nature and your unwillingness to take risks. Others are paying attention to what you have to say. You need to work on integrating aspects of yourself. The dream is a clue for your tendency of taking without giving back. Economizing will help you through difficult times.

Dream about Run [make without a miss] is an omen for that your passions may be out of control. You are coyly making your emotional feelings known. You need to make contact with someone and reach out for help. The dream is an indication for a danger from someone who wish you harm, either physical or financial. You are freeing yourself out of an unwanted situation or relationship.

Dream about Run [deal in illegally, such as arms or liquor] expresses a state of vulnerability. There is a problem or issue that is burdening you. You tend to leave things to chance or fate. Your dream hints your difficulties and hardships. You are pretending to be someone you are not.

Dream about Run [cause an animal to move fast] denotes pressure of keeping a secret that you are desperate to let out. You are looking for order. You are making a situation more difficult than it need by. This dream is a metaphor for something that requires your prompt attention. You need to think about and possibly act upon.

Dream about Run [be diffused] is a symbol for constraints and restrictions in your thoughts, feelings and actions. You do not have all the facts to make an informed decision about some matter. Someone is thinking of you. Your dream is an evidence for some advice and message that your subconscious is trying to convey. You are acting or being deceitfully.

Dream about Run [sail before the wind] is a harbinger for healing or the need to be healed. You are in danger of being seduced by some uncontrollable force. You are stuck in some problem, situation or relationship. Your dream refers to abundance, longevity and fertility. Your reputation is being called into question.

Dream about Run [cover by running; run a certain distance] is a metaphor for characteristics or qualities that you can learn or adopt from your descendents. You are contemplating some changes in your life that will lay the groundwork for a more solid foundation. You need to put closure on a relationship or situation. Your dream denotes telling you to flee or retreat from some situation. You are looking for better control.

Dream about Run [extend or continue for a certain period of time] states someone or something is loaded. You need to get back to work. You have been negligent in your duties and responsibilities. Your dream stands for your desires to knock others out of your path in order to achieve your own goals. You are being pulled in opposite directions or you do not know which viewpoint is right.

Dream about Run [set animals loose to graze] is a sign for prosperity and attainment of your desires. You need to take time to appreciate those around you because tomorrow is not guaranteed. You are taking chances and playing with fate. This dream expresses temporary worries and disagreements. Perhaps you feel that you are stuck or that you are in a hopeless situation.

Dream about Run [keep company] symbolises your fears of being in an actual, physical accident. You are feeling slow and lethargic in your life. You have lost sight of your goals and what you need to accomplish. Your dream is a symbol for self guilt. You are all work and no play.

Dream about Run [run with the ball; in such sports as football] is a metaphor for shelter from a stormy relationship or chaotic situation. Perhaps you have been caught off guard about something. Perhaps you are taking certain things for granted or are overlooking something or someone. The dream denotes some illness or death. You will progress through life at a slow and steady pace.

Dream about Run [travel rapidly, by any (unspecified) means] denotes your preoccupation with money matters. You need to be careful of your spending and that you need to protect your finances. There is a secret that you are trying to uncover. The dream signals broken promises. You are throwing your weight and power around.

Dream about Ply [travel a route regularly] is menial work and suffering. You need to expand your reach. You may have maximized the usefulness of a certain circumstance. Your dream is a portent for your changing emotional feelings. You are looking for some sort of relationship with a person but you are not sure about how to go about achieving it.

Dream about Hunt [pursue for food or sport (as of wild animals)] denotes distress that will come in the disguise of happiness. You need to think outside the box or outside of convention. You are preparing yourself to do battle over an issue. The dream hints your desires in wanting to associate with people in public positions. You need to smooth out the rough edges of your personality or your relationship with others.

Dream about Race [compete in a race] is sometimes that you are rising above some unpleasant situation or issue. You need to be more flexible and yielding in your thinking in order to move further toward your goals. You may be wanting to escape the pressures and stresses of adulthood. This dream is a symbol for a situation where you need to respond or act quickly. Sometimes you need to adapt or yield to the requests of others.

Dream about Move [progress by being changed] stands for your indifference to some situation or person. You are too easily distracted lately. Your feelings or ideas are being dismissed or cast to the side. The dream is a portent for self-doubt in your own abilities. You are feeling detached from the changes that are happening around you.

Dream about Melt [reduce or cause to be reduced from a solid to a liquid state, usually by heating] is a hint for being too buttoned up or refrained. You are seeking out support and partnerships to work together in a harmonious way. You feel that you are not able to fully express your desires and emotions. Your dream is a premonition for an issue that you need to address immediately before it gets to a critical state. Time has ran out and you do not have time to accomplish all the things you want.

Dream about Ladder [come unraveled or undone as if by snagging] points at someone that appears cold and frigid on the outside, but is really a warm and caring person on the inside. You need to start testing out your boundaries in order to grow. You need to have some balance in your life. This dream is a hint for your need to reach out and communicate with others in any circumstance. There is something that you need to think long and hard about.

Dream about Run [become undone] refers to a traumatic or devastating end to a situation or relationship. You need to let go of the negativity and the things that are holding you back. You are not able to face the nastiness. This dream is a level of emotional aggression or emotional tension. There may be an obstacle ahead for you.

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