Dream about award ceremony

Dream about Award Ceremony denotes tranquility, spirituality, faith, peace, purity, joy and bliss. Somebody is offering you some advice. Something in your life is bothering you more than you want to admit. Your dream is a message for purity and potential. Perhaps you are feeling steamed about something.

Award Ceremony represents your ability to explore and delve into your subconscious. You are in a happy mood. You will outwit your opponents. This dream refers to some young male figure in your life. You are looking for a fresh infusion of ideas within your creative or work life.

Dreaming of Award and Ceremony

Award in your dream stands for some ensnaring and controlling force. There is something that you need to think long and hard about. You need to delve deeper in order to find the truth. This dream expresses how you are cruising along through some situation in your life. You are overly fixating on minor details and overlooking the important things on your life.

Award in this dream signals risky new projects that you are tying to undertake. You need to take more initiative. You are undervaluing yourself or taking somebody else for granted. Your dream indicates your latent paranormal abilities. You are looking to replace or substitute a missing aspect of your life.

Ceremony in dream is a portent for birth and death. You are going with the masses and doing what everybody else wants you to do. You have a tendency to brag about minor things. The dream is your anxieties about death and aging. You need to let go of some past emotions.

Ceremony dream signifies a place where you feel safe and protected. You have a handle over the problems in your life. You are trying to escape from a difficult situation. This dream is about an aspect of yourself that you are trying to nurture. You are being naive or gullible about some situation.

Dream about both “Award” and “Ceremony” stands for a lacking strength and integrity. You have total control over your emotions. There may be some failing situation. The dream is a warning for a situation where you feel violated or victimized. You are not expressing the masculine side of your personality.

Dream about award ceremony is a clue for an inner battle between your own ideals and values and between the ideals and values of others. Your goals are in sight and you will soon be greatly rewarded. You become consumed by your passion. The dream is the mischievous aspect of your personality. Despite whatever chaos is surrounding you, you are able to block it out and achieve peace with yourself.

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I had a dream that i was at some kind of wedding ceremony with some of my new friends where they were just ignoring me and then one of my old friend recieves some kind of award on the stage. After that also my new friends kept ignoring me. And the dream ended unfinished.


i had a dream about being at an award ceremony with my mom excited about a prize of sorts. before i could even get it the setting changed to a huge beautiful living room with nice long floaty curtains. in it, i was with people i don’t know even asking them whose house is that