Dream about baby dolphin

Dream about Baby Dolphin suggests divine love and spiritual knowledge. You will achieve great success. You just need to take it easy for a while. This dream hints wealth and security. Your inner creative energy has yet to blossom and grow into expression.

Baby Dolphin suggests fertility and conception. You can see right through somebody and their intentions. You are exuding a lot of confidence. Your dream is an indication for your passion about a goal. You may be testing the limits of your physical strength.

Dreaming of Baby and Dolphin

Baby in your dream represents repressed desires and unexpressed emotions that are on the verge of exploding or bursting if not dealt with soon. Perhaps you feel there was something that could’ve been done. You need to cut off ties from those who try to pull you down. The dream refers to emotional impotence or fear of impotence. You are having difficulties or issues in your personal relationship.

Baby in this dream is a message for your ability to control your actions and react at a precise or optimal moment. You tend to sacrifice your own comfort and happiness for others. You need to look at a better way of doing something. This dream stands for characteristics or qualities that you can learn or adopt from your descendents. You have hurt someone in order to move ahead in life.

Dolphin in dream signifies the reward for your hard work and efforts. You need to stay on top of your emotions and not let them explode out of hand. You want to have a baby. Your dream is an omen for repressed memories of child abuse. You are unveiling aspects of your subconscious.

Dolphin dream symbolises a choice that you need to make which may affect others. Your are experiencing a conflict in ideas and interest. You are trying to be on your best behavior around a person. The dream symbolises death or an end to something. You need to take the initiative and reach out to others.

Dream about both “Baby” and “Dolphin” means your fears of gaining weight or getting fat. You are shutting others out and not letting them in on your problems and feelings. You may be acting too carefree in some issue or situation. Your dream hints a level of attraction between you and your friend, but you are too afraid to act on it. You are not letting obstacles stop you from proceeding with your goals.

Dream about baby dolphin is a portent for your receptiveness and willingness to accept new ideas/concepts. You need to draw on your inner strength. You are dwelling on some unresolved childhood issue. Your dream is about the extremes of two things. There is something that you still need to learn.

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