Dream about baseball glove

Dream about Baseball Glove states some unresolved issues or feelings pertaining to a specific person. You are concentrating on some plan or situation. You may also be seeking some form of acceptance. The dream is the human psyche and soul. You are experiencing a lot of resistance toward your goals.

Baseball Glove is a premonition for the soul. You are going out of your way to please others. You are ready to let go of the past and move ahead. This dream is a sign for your willingness to let people in and share your life with others. You need to draw on your energy for strength.

Dreaming of Baseball and Glove

Baseball in your dream is about your responsibilities. You want others to get to know your playful side. You are being someone that you are not. This dream is an evidence for a hard and difficult journey or path. You still have a long way to go before achieving your goals.

Baseball in this dream is an indication for your carefree and laid back attitude. You need to tame the wild forces within. You need to stop depending on others. This dream is an omen for some difficulty or some sort of hardship headed your way. You are running away from some responsibility.

Glove in dream points to your strong desires to be recognized and acknowledged. You need to make your opinions and views known. You are doubting your accomplishments and the goals that you have already completed. The dream is an evidence for issues with authority and seeking approval. You are feeling defensive about any criticism directed towards you.

Glove dream is an evidence for a needy or codependent relationship. Perhaps, you are too idealistic. You need to re-prioritize your time and focus on what matters. The dream suggests how you are coasting through life. There are some flaws in your thinking or thought process.

Dream about both “Baseball” and “Glove” is a warning alert for sickness, disaster or fear. A current situation is paralleling a past situation. You are moving too quickly and aggressively in some area of your life. This dream is an evidence for suppressed aggression that you are unable to express in your life. You are putting too much emphasis on beauty and outside appearances rather than what is inside.

Dream about baseball glove stands for the importance of loyalty and duty to your family. You are longing for the child within you. You want to squash something or somebody. Your dream hints spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment. You are subconsciously reacting to events in your life.

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Marlana Mason

Baseball glove was being given to me as a gift


I was playing third base. After we got the first out, I ran in the dugout to get a drink. After, I could not find my glove. I tried other gloves but none of them fit right. While I was looking there was a hit in the outfield & it was caught for the second out. So I had one on that was too big & when someone threw me the ball, it was dropped. Then I woke up