Dream about bear and tiger

Dream about Bear And Tiger stands for your enriching and fulfilling life. You are taking control of your hectic life. You are enjoying life and living it to the fullest. Your dream points to power and pride. You can see right through somebody and their intentions.

Bear And Tiger is a message for boundary between your personal self and your public self. You are regressing back to your childhood. You need to take a much closer look at some situation or relationship. Your dream refers to someone you idealize and admire. You are selling yourself in some way.

Dreaming of Bear and Tiger

Bear in your dream signifies a situation in your life that you are ignoring. You are depleting your resources, either physically, spiritually or emotionally. You need to better express your opinions. This dream points to your need to downsize some aspect of your life in order to make it more palatable or manageable. Your habits and negative ways are hindering your growth.

Bear in this dream represents your overindulgent behavior. You are at a lost for words. What you believe and what is reality may be two different things. This dream is an omen for a controlling father or father figure. You are feeling restricted or confined in a current relationship.

Tiger in dream hints the guilt that you are feeling. You are leaving behind old attitudes and are looking toward the future. You need to reevaluate your actions and its consequences. Your dream is a sign for the end of some old habit or behavior and the beginning of a new attitude. You are putting on a disguise or showing a different aspect of your personality.

Tiger dream states suppressing your own needs or feelings. You need to be ready to accept whatever life throws at you. You may be trying to convey a message to a person. Your dream denotes your desire of escaping from your own reality. You are trying to evaluate a situation or establishment.

Dream about both “Bear” and “Tiger” is a metaphor for disappointments and gloomy situations. Your ideas may be alienating people. You need to keep quiet before you put your foot in your mouth. Your dream is unfortunately a warning alert for your helplessness, difficulties and frustrations in trying to communicate with others. You feel you can not stand up for yourself.

Dream about bear and tiger is a harbinger for mental power, intellect, memory and the power of communication. You are in danger. You are ready to move forward in some project or endeavor. The dream stands for unexpected gains and honor. Your mind is squarely set on achieving your goals.

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Hi, my dream was about a tiger and bear fighting on a big ship that’s sailing in clean and quiet waters. I also saw the sun’s reflection on the ocean’s surface.


In my dream, I was at my grandmother’s house and I saw through the window two tigers, two polar bears and one other big bear. The two tigers were playing together as well as the two polar bears. The other bear climbed the house and came to the window, at that moment someone that was next to me stretched out his hand and touched the bear, next thing I saw the bear was biting his hand and took off one of his fingers.


My dream was set in a cave, where I watched a small tiger fight with a large bear, yet the tiger still won. Afterwards the tiger was after someone next to me in the dream, and so I killed it in turn, through suffocation. It was a rather gruesome dream.


Hello in my dream a tiger was roaming in and out of my house. Suddenly I go outside to look for the tiger and now I see a bear. The bear was only exploring the house and was not aggressive.


Hey I had a dream about passing up a momma bear and her cub on the highway and as I pass I see that there’s a tiger approaching then and eating the cub and I remember feeling the heart break about the cub being eaten but at the same time i couldn’t deny the nature of it all it was very conflicting in energy I was so sad for the cub but I knew that the tiger needed to hunt it was so weird bc In that dream I still felt both emotions


I dreamed about a white tiger and a polar bear being stuck in captivity or trapped in a confined space, but never together. Both were hostile but never attacked and had cubs. I was trying to save them. Everyone else was turning their backs. Once free they were affectionate. Then the second part was a locked hatch in the ground that I opened and a Tiger came out angry and trying to attack, this one was normal orange. I was chased and close to getting caught, but out-smarted it and it went away.


Hi, my dream was about a tiger and a bear fighting in a forest, it was raining and dusk. After seeing them fight we started running.


My Dream was, at first a black bear comes to me wherever I go, after sometime at one point it tries to attack me but somehow I managed to escape. Later I woke up for sometime. Then I slept again, and this time a tiger came to my dream and it also tried to attack me but later it chooses the sides with me.



We were driving in a forrest ~my husband and friend. We came to an opening, very narrow & overgrown. It was dark, so we parked & walked into the area. I saw a black bear and told everyone to run back to the truck. My husband and I made it to the truck, but it seemed like he was taking an eternity to get back to find my friend. When I looked in, my friend was draped over the side of the road, and now a Tiger was laying next her as if he was guarding her. She had a White shirt on.

Marie Dickens

I was being chased by a tiger. Then Rhona and Paddy, characters from the Emerdale soap drama came into it to tell me that a bear was chasing me too. I woke up exhausted and drained.


my husband and I got lost hiking we saw a polar bear approach and stand we dropped to the ground and he left later we encountered a siberian tiger approaching slowly and jumped I killed it with something sharp but I had severe claws injuries in my left upper body we keep walking 2 man shelter us the shed full of weapons they were bad guys, I stroked a machete type in the head my husband missed the other one getting injured by a bullet I finished him we escapes in snow bikes we were rescued the e


I dreamed a bear was attacking a family member and that family was kicking at the bear. I told them to stop doing that. Then a tiger jumped up beside me on my couch to lay down with me.