Dream about being accused of killing someone

Dream about Being Accused Of Killing Someone represents new beginnings and growth. You will experience a surge in energy and vitality. You may be experiencing new walks of life. The dream is a signal for wealth and materialism. Something has come to an end.

Dream about Being Accused Of Killing Someone suggests new beginnings and fresh starts. You have decided on the path you want to take to reach your opportunities and goals. You are compelled and driven to complete something. The dream symbolises a prosperous endeavor, new opportunities and fortune. You are refusing to acknowledging some truth or issue that is right in front on you.

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I had a dream that in my village they went into a past and accused me of burning a house of people next to where we used play football and a couple of people may have died, I didn’t remember anything n was forced to plead guilty n blamed by whole village, I couldn’t really remember anything but someone appeared and flashed all my memory in a snap of a finger and I remembered everything, I was totally innocent and would never hurt anyone, just happened to pass in a right place in a wrong time.


I was accused of killing plenty of people in a dream and I outright told them I didn’t kill anyone. At first, I oddly fell off of a building and found myself in a police car. I then crawled out of it and several people called me out on it, shouting ‘That’s her!’ Then I ended up in what looked like a courtroom and I dreamt that one of my bosses (coaches) who worked at a retail store I am working at was there?? And I also owned a horse, and they would take it away from me due to the accusation?


I was accused of murder. In my dream I can not remember anything about it. Then they showed me a video where I killed someone. The dream played out on the day I was supposed to go to prison. That day I needed to go to my son’s concert at church first. I felt alone as I went to church. I went to sit next to a friend that did not judge me. The feeling I got throughout the dream is more about the unfairness of going to jail and not being able to defend myself and feeling helpless. Nothing to say.


I had a dream today where i was accused of murdering a girl. I was confused but sure i hadn’t touched the murdered girl and was telling people it’s not me. During that time i was working so my boss called me during investigation where i told my lady boss what is happening to me and she helped me by which i was able to prove myself innocent. Finally i was proven innocent but society people judged me .In the fear of judgement me n my mother we leave home n i saw myself with mom climbing down stair


I had a dream I had hit someone with a car and killed them. I knew I was innocent but was still arrested. I tried explaining myself but the police didn’t believe me.


i dreamed that i had been accused of murder.


I had a dream that I was falsely accused of murdering a woman but in my dream I am in the same house sitting opposite the woman im accused of murdering. What does this mean?


I dreamed that I was being held at a police station for questioning of a person who was murdered with a knife that looked like mine. I had my knife on my person at the time of the questioning. I kept insisting my innocence, but every time that I tried to tell the officers that I had my knife on my person; they cut me off. It was clear that they were falsely accusing me. They kept looking at me smiling “dirty cop smiles”. I was calm outside but frustrated inside. What do you think?


I kept dreaming that my grandma is wrongly accused of murder, and her sister doesn’t even give a damn and just accepts that my grandma did it even if there’s no evidence. So I kept telling her sister that it’s not true and why she doesn’t give a damn about it even if my grandma is wrongly accused. I even asked her what about me? If my grandma will be wrongly accused and be jailed I have nowhere to go since she’s the one who raised and feed me.


I had a dream where I was falsely accused of killing someone whom I don’t even know, what does it mean? Thank you!


Dream falsely accused of someone I don’t even know