Dream about being anesthesia

Dream about Being Anesthesia is your passion about a goal. You are sorting out and organizing the different aspects of your life. In order to have success and make it happen, you need to be able to visualize it. This dream is an indication for forward motion and the ability to proceed toward your goals. You are taking a drastic, new approach to some issue in your life.

Being Anesthesia stands for your strength, stability and a firm stance, especially in the face of adversity. You are reclaiming your independence and power. You are in need of love, affection and emotional nourishment. This dream is a clue for how you are able to let go of the past and accept the loss. You are taking on more than you can handle.

Dreaming of Be and Anesthesia

Be in your dream expresses feelings of guilt, regret, or remorse about something you did. You need to accept responsibilities and be more self-reliant. You need to experiment with your fears, choices and beliefs. The dream symbolises your overwhelming passion. You are trying to hold together a relationship.

Be in this dream points to your disconnection from reality. You are overcoming your fears and obstacles. Perhaps you need to add some excitement or non-conventionality to your life. Your dream is a metaphor for an achievement or goal that has been reached. You need to direct your energies to more worthwhile endeavors.

Anesthesia in dream draws attention to a retreat back into the womb. You need to trust your intuitive side as well as your rational side. You are feeling unmotivated. The dream is a harbinger for a complicated situation which you have been left to fight on your own. You have insufficient information to make a clear decision.

Anesthesia dream is about a pitfall in some situation. Your true self is out of touch with reality. You are at the halfway point of some endeavor. The dream denotes your anxieties about your ability to accomplish some demanding task or perform in some situation. Perhaps, you are being overly cautious in your pursuits.

Dream about both “Be” and “Anesthesia” points at the strikes, hits and misses in your life. You are having issues related to your self-image. You are lacking support or love. This dream is an indication for aggression, anger and potential danger. You need to leave your emotions out of some matter.

Dream about being anesthesia denotes your continuous flow of ideas. You are carrying the burdens of others on your shoulders. You are ready to enjoy and reap the benefits of your work. Your dream is a symbol for self-sacrifice. You will accomplish your tasks and realize your goals.

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