Dream about being bitten by a rabid dog

Dream about Being Bitten By A Rabid Dog points at eroticism, lust and emotions. You have determination on your goals. You may be a slave to your job, to your family, to some habit, or to some obsession. This dream is a portent for your social life, your interpersonal relationships and how you connect with others. You are exploring and accessing your unused potential, abilities and talents.

Dream about Being Bitten By A Rabid Dog points at success in your love life. You will have to stand up and fight against attacks to your integrity. You are taking advantage of the innocent and the vulnerable. Your dream represents a general betterment of your life and an improvement in your financial situation. You are compromising your values or beliefs.

Dreaming of Be & Bite & Rabid & Dog

Be in your dream refers to some frustration in your life. You may be putting an end to an old habit. You need to be careful with your words and actions. This dream is a hint for your raging emotions which have been held back and repressed for a long time. You are blocking out subconscious material from emerging onto the surface.

Bite dream is a signal for prosperity and attainment of your desires. There are feelings from the past which you need to acknowledge and recognize. Perhaps you need to address some pent up aggression or you need to show more sensitivity. This dream is a clue for someone in your life (past or present). You are underestimating yourself in some area.

Rabid in this dream expresses your suppressed feelings. Perhaps you feel that time is running out for you or that there is some deadline that you need to be mindful of. You are facing some deep issues or dealing with some repressed thoughts. The dream stands for conflict between yourself and the society you live in. You need to repent for some misdeed that you have committed.

Dog in dream is sometimes your hopes or your fears of how things will turn out. You are looking for guidance to stay on the right path. You need to pay more attention to your intuition or gut feeling. The dream suggests spreading the word of God. You are on the wrong life path and need to alter your course.

Dream About Being Bit is a metaphor for wholeness and the circle of life. You have a phobia. You have set high goals for yourself. This dream is an omen for your desires to escape from your daily burdens. You are handling things in a childish manner.

Dream About Rabid Dog is a message for to a situation or relationship in your life. Success and prestige are within reach. Suspicions are lurking around you and your activities. This dream is a message for gratifying success in your endeavors. You may have self-esteem issues and often feel overlooked.

Sometimes, dream about being bitten by a rabid dog signifies some pent up anger and violence. You are wasting time on meaningless pursuits. You are wasting away some aspect of your life. Your dream is sadly an admonition for cleaning from your troubles and problems. You need to acknowledge your old talents or ignite some of your younger spirit that you may have lost along the way.

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