Dream about being lost in a strange city

Dream about Being Lost In A Strange City is a signal for solace, security and peace of mind. You may be living a life of excess and overindulging in certain things. Some important information is being relayed to you in the dream. Your dream is an end to something. You are an emotionally calm person.

Dream about Being Lost In A Strange City is a portent for a wide range of things. You also pride yourself in your loyalty and generosity. You are adverse to change. Your dream is a clue for something is about to be completed in your life. You have a little strength.

Dreaming of Be & Lose & Strange & City

Be in your dream is your tendency to prejudge and look down on others. You need to exhibit more self-confidence. You need to indulge in life and devote some time to leisure. Your dream indicates the transfer of ideas and advices from one person to another. You feel being taken advantage of.

Lose dream is a sign for your instinctual urges. You don’t want others to see your flaws. You are feeling confined in your work environment or personal relationship. Your dream is a clue for your outlook of the future. Your emotions are welling up and can potentially close you off to others.

Strange in this dream is a harbinger for reality. You are going through some new life experiences and incorporating the lessons you learn from them into your Self. There is some message that you need to ingrain in your mind. The dream is about some misunderstanding in a relationship. Perhaps you are too rigid in your thinking.

City in dream signifies your search for your own comfort zone. You need to smooth out the rough edges of your personality or your relationship with others. You are constantly put on the defensive. The dream symbolises a sinister or painful secret you are keeping. You are ready to burst. The outcome may be damaging and hurtful, especially to those around you.

Dream About Been Lost represents an emotional issue you are facing in some relationship. There is something that needs to be discussed. You are having difficulties integrating love and emotions. Your dream is a clue for your respect and adoration for your friend. You are currently going through a hard time in your life and experiencing tremendous stress, which is almost immobilizing you.

Dream About Strange City is sometimes excess and freedom of expression. You are refusing to accept the consequences of your actions. You are preparing for some important event. This dream is a portent for power, strength, faithfulness and intellect. You need to take a closer look at your actions and your motives.

Sometimes, dream about being lost in a strange city is unfortunately some negative feelings that you are not expressing in your life. You are lacking understanding, knowledge or awareness of some situation. You are recognizing that someone is forcing their negative and unwelcome views/values on you. This dream is unfortunately an alert for your lack of self-worth or lack of inspiration. Perhaps someone does not know how to mind their business.

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