Dream about bird escaping cage

Dream about Bird Escaping Cage is a metaphor for divine love. You are ready to make a major change in your life. You are feeling good about life. This dream signals a final end to something and the beginning of a new stage. You are seeking acceptance in order to move forward.

Bird in your dream suggests some nervousness and uneasiness over some undertaking. You need to take a different approach toward some situation or relationship. Perhaps you are living vicariously through the actions of others. The dream is a premonition for your productivity. A promotion may be in store for you.

Escape dream signifies rightness of an idea, decision, or plan. You are being too dominating. You are desperate to release all the feelings that you have kept bottled up inside of you. This dream is a premonition for sadness and a need to be uplifted. You are dealing with some situation.

Cage in this dream is a premonition for regret for something that you have done. You are having difficulties expressing your thoughts. You take pride in your work, even if it is menial or minor work. This dream is a metaphor for your need to reach out and communicate with others in any circumstance. You are prolonging a decision that needs to be made.

Dreaming of Bird and Escape and Cage

Dream About Bird Escaping denotes completion and wholeness. Perhaps you feel that a higher power is always looking over you and judging your actions. There is something that you need to express and get out into the open. Your dream is a portent for some burden in your life. You are able to stand up again with the help and support of others.

Dream About Bird Cage represents the attributes and things that you treasure and value. You have a flexible self-image. You are refusing to acknowledge and confront the truth. This dream signifies a new phase in your relationship. You are experiencing some intense feelings.

Escape and Cage is a harbinger for your attitude and level of consciousness about a particular situation. You play an important role in the grand scheme of things. You are analyzing yourself and your own thoughts from an objective view. This dream expresses personal and cultural freedom. Now is the time to start a new venture.

Dream about Bird Escaping Cage signals your level of confidence and strength. You have a lot of love to offer others. You are holding something back, especially when it comes to your emotions. The dream suggests raw masculine energy. It is time to confront these suppressed issues.

Sometimes, dream about bird escaping cage is a symbol for dishonorable conduct and deception towards people who trusted you. You may be too overexcited or hyperactive and need to relax. You are feeling indifferent, alone and neglected. This dream is unfortunately a warning alert for an altered sense of reality and thus may be a means of escaping the responsibilities and problems that may be associated with your home. You are acting careless and insensible.

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In a garage taking care of my brothers animals (dogs and birds) I seen the birds in a cage, and let them out to fly around the garage as my brother does. The garage door opened and the birds escaped outside. I then went outside trying to whistle them back home, asking others to help me whistle.


I have two birds in a cage that belonged to a dear friend who passed away. The birds escaped the cage, but I was able to get them both back into the cage, but one was injured.


I dreamt a large bird with a strong, black beak used its beak to bend the cage bar and escape.


I dreamt that I had a bird, it was a gift from a family member brought from a far, far land and a friend accidentally let’s it out of the car. I become very angry and start chasing my friend in a manic state.


I hv cock tail parrot at home,white colour passed away few yrs ago,but night i saw a dream of white parrot flew away from cage and i am searching if it ..but does it mean abt


There is a solid bright yellow bird that I’m suppose to look after and it’s in a cage. The bird is able to get out on its own and flies around on its own accord and able to go back to the cage when it wants. It keeps coming in and out of the cage.


I see someone putting a small creature in a glass bottle and close it , I took the bottle and I see a beatiful brown feather of a bird hanging on my kitchen door .Then I opened the bottle it was a bird inside and it flew out of the bottle