Dream about bitter melon

Dream about Bitter Melon means being the best. You are getting the hang of some situation or some task. You may be feeling helpless or vulnerable in some area of your life. The dream is an evidence for a blemish in your personality. You will overcome the obstacles in your life by continuing to struggle and utilizing your wisdom.

Bitter Melon is a signal for new opportunities. It is the beginning of the path that you are taking in life. It is a new beginning for you. This dream is sometimes emotional inhibitions. You still have some ways to go before fully developing your career and goals.

Dreaming of Bitter and Melon

Bitter in your dream is a premonition for being consumed by your own ambition or obsession. There is a problem or issue that is burdening you. You need to slow down and take a different course in life. Your dream is an evidence for your need to relax and let loose or that you need to settle down a little. You are trying hide your own vulnerabilities.

Bitter in this dream hints someone who may be a mentor or caring person. You feel that your attention or time is being divided. A loss of a good friend or a deterioration of your instincts. Your dream is a premonition for missed opportunities. You are retreating from a situation.

Melon in dream represents your preoccupation with time. Perhaps you have recently stumbled upon some information that was not meant for your eyes. You are experiencing a sense of anticipation or uneasiness. The dream is sometimes your childish and immature behavior. You need to nurture yourself and cleanse your emotions.

Melon dream signals someone from your past who you had a crush on or who you were in love with. Sometimes some clues are seen as divine messengers. You need to look within yourself for the solution to a problem instead of relying on outside help. The dream is an omen for cooperation and teamwork in some relationship. You are going along with the masses and with what everybody else wants.

Dream about both “Bitter” and “Melon” signals self-indulgent behavior or unwanted attention. You cannot do everything by yourself. Your ways of thinking may be outdated. The dream points at protection against emotional hurt. You are not able to shake someone off your back.

Dream about bitter melon is a hint for comfort. You feel that you are part of a special group. You need to cleanse yourself, both emotionally and psychologically. This dream refers to your need to exhibit some of these qualities in your life. You are going along a crooked path.

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