Dream about ripe melon

Dream about Ripe Melon symbolises completion or continuation of a familiar situation. There is something that you are still hiding from others. You are well grounded. Your dream refers to spiritual enlightenment. Your mind is squarely set on achieving your goals.

Ripe Melon is an evidence for love, joy and happiness. You need to focus on your goals. Perhaps you want to keep your distance and stay away from an alluring and tempting situation. The dream is a metaphor for passion, vitality and emotional desire. You are seeking guidance and help in improving your self image.

Dreaming of Ripe and Melon

Ripe in your dream expresses a need for you to change your routine. You are desperately rejecting an aspect of yourself. You are not alone in the world. Your dream is a signal for completion and an ending to some journey, situation, or relationship. You need to exercise care in some fragile situation.

Ripe in this dream is a symbol for fears that you are being played. You tend to yield to other’s wishes. You need to show more restraint in some aspect of your life. The dream signifies the depths of your subconscious. You need to be more focused on your tasks or goals.

Melon in dream draws attention to your issues of dependency and your desires to be completely cared for. You are capable of accomplishing great feats, but with questionable motives and methods. You are going about your daily life in the same old tired pattern. This dream is a portent for chaos in your life. You are facing a confrontational situation.

Melon dream points at how you confront problems and deal with issues in your life. Maybe you are ready to enter into a partnership. You need to relax and let loose sometimes. This dream expresses a highly stressful time in your life. Perhaps you are being mislead.

Dream about both “Ripe” and “Melon” is an omen for an irritating and annoying person in your life. You are overextending yourself to others and are not paying enough attention to your own needs. You are trying to balance too many things in your life. This dream stands for obstacles and disappointments. You are trying to get your emotions under control.

Dream about ripe melon points at unpredictability and versatility. You are taking self defense. You are feeling secluded from the world. Your dream hints trustworthiness, strength and resilience. You are refusing to work together with someone on a project.

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