Dream about black ganesha

Dream about Black Ganesha is a harbinger for a mysterious person in your life who mean you harm. Your mind is squarely set on achieving your goals. You are emotionally stable and healthy. This dream is an evidence for the end of some relationship. You are looking back at past emotions and what you can learn from those experiences.

Black Ganesha is a sign for your need to rejuvenate and restore your body, mind and spirit. You need to be careful in what you write, as words can be a powerful tool. You will overcome your obstacles and rise to a new level of prominence and status. The dream is a symbol for freedom to run your own life and to do what you want to do. You need to make your best offer in some business deal.

Dreaming of Black and Ganesha

Black in your dream signifies your ability to act quickly on your feet. You are looking at your problems from a different perspective. You are suppressing your sad feelings. This dream signals an inability to express yourself. You are moving too fast in some relationship or situation.

Black in this dream is sometimes your ultimate fears. You are experiencing a setback toward accomplishing your goals. You may be closing yourself off from new experiences or shutting yourself out. Your dream hints an aspect of yourself that is unfamiliar or strange to you. You have a tendency to emotionally distance yourself and remain objective about the situations you are faced with.

Ganesha in dream hints your humbleness. Your subconscious may be trying to get your attention about an important message that you are refusing to acknowledge in your life. You feel being taken advantage of. This dream means some unresolved issues and tension with your friend or coworker. You feel that you do not have a strong foothold in some situation.

Ganesha dream means severe jealousy. Perhaps you feel that you are not measuring up to others. You need to adjust your attitude or run the risk of offending others. The dream is an omen for your own state of thinking wisely and the struggles to make a decision. You don’t want others to see your flaws.

Dream about both “Black” and “Ganesha” draws attention to a situation in your life where you are either on the offensive or on the defensive. You are trying to keep negative forces at bay. You are not in tune with your spiritual side. Your dream is unfortunately an alert for a lack in independence in a situation or relationship. Somebody you know may not be who they appear to be.

Dream about black ganesha is a portent for success, popularity and creativity. You are taking a step back and looking carefully at the facts. You can see right through to their intentions. The dream means the many different roles you have in your life. You are feeling small or overlooked.

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Well as the last para signifies I became creative alot and got my spiritual connection back with God especially I had this dream about black lord ganesha on wednesday morning