Dream about black leather gloves

Dream about Black Leather Gloves is a sign for your potential for success. Someone in your life is taking advantage of your talents and abilities. You are refusing to recognize your feminine power. This dream is a metaphor for the faith in yourself. You are feeling helpless in a situation.

Black in your dream denotes the meeting between your two states of mind – the rational and the irrational. You are completely engrossed or submerged in some situation, relationship or task. You need to get something off your chest. Your dream points at your helplessness in a situation. You need to find ways to incorporate some good feelings into your life.

Leather dream is a clue for an aspect of yourself that you are trying to nurture. There is some feeling that you need to express more in your life. Perhaps you are making a big deal out of a minor matter. Your dream states your desires to get to the center of some issue or problem. You have let down your defenses and your guard.

Glove in this dream is overwhelming anger or evil. Your libido is on overdrive. Something that you thought was going to be a problem has resolved itself. Your dream is a metaphor for youth and rebellion. Perhaps the newness and uncertainty of a discovery makes you a little more cautious.

Dreaming of Black and Leather and Glove

Dream About Black Leather is a clue for a sweetheart or some sweet love in your life. You are moving toward your goals by your own efforts. You are able to brave through a stormy relationship. This dream points to a significant and meaningful aspect of yourself. You are opening something.

Dream About Black Glove means a visitation of a spirit or a communication from your subconscious. You are feeling used and manipulated. You are feeling snappy. Your dream is a hint for frugality. You are surrounded by love and warmth.

Dream About Leather Gloves represents extravagance and luxury. You have put up an emotional wall around you. You are looking for spiritual enrichment from a higher source. This dream signifies the path between heaven and earth. You are being prevented to do something.

Dream about Black Leather Gloves is a symbol for personal gains and self gratification. You feel you are being overlooked. You wished a person that you loved still around to experience and share certain aspects of your life with you. The dream states your consciousness and your point of view. You are strongly connected to your spirituality.

Sometimes, dream about black leather gloves is a clue for your hastiness and disappointed efforts. You are not willing to leave the past behind. You are feeling unchallenged and unfulfilled. This dream is a harbinger for the targets you are reaching for and the goals you are setting for yourself. Some negative force is luring you toward some illicit activity.

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I had put them on out of nowhere then I was like “these are really thick” I then picked something up and someone was there with me so I put the thing down looked at him (it was a man ) and I punched him but the gloves were so thick I couldnt close to a fist so he didn’t move and just had a face of wonder after that


My dream this night was also about gloves:
A large storage box filled with black and brown male leather gloves neatly sorted. It was located on the left side outside the entrance door. The gloves were not new ones.